Is apple 12 messaging delay a common problem

2022-05-27 0 By

Apple 12 messaging delays are common.There were a number of partners whose messages were delayed at different times, ranging from five minutes to an hour.That’s because the partner who delayed an hour was already on the Intranet, and the delay was terrible.1. Apple 12 message lag is common.Sometimes the iPhone 12 prompts us that we have a wechat message, only to open it up and find it’s dozens of minutes old.Message delays cause us not to respond to other people’s messages in a timely manner, which can be more troublesome if it is important for work.Why does wechat message delay occur?Message latency depends on the network, software compatibility with the device, and software Settings with the phone.2. Every time the iPhone updates its system, if it doesn’t click on the update, it will update itself the next day.In fact, system updates are the most power-hungry.If you don’t want to update the system without your knowledge, you can turn it off!Software notifications themselves don’t consume much power, just some traffic, but why do they consume a lot of power?The main reason is that the screen lights up frequently!3. Develop information: apple released product related maintenance regulation, “maintenance refurbished parts are available, and the old man to his”, “pay maintenance repair bad product”, “transportation damage cannot be free maintenance”, “fails to take the machine be deemed abandoned consumer products” and so on many contents, unfair format contract terms, violation of consumers’ right to know, fair exchange.Under pressure from the South Korean government, Apple promised if it found defects in the iPhone within a month of purchase.Apple will provide customers with new phones, rather than refurbished ones, for free, in line with local after-sales regulations.But in China, Apple’s repair terms were also inconsistent with Chinese law, and it did not correct them.