Is Harden to blame for the shortest Big 3 in history?

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16 is the number of games harden, Durant and Irving have played together.365 minutes, that’s how long the Big Three played on the court;The Eastern Conference semifinals were the pair’s crowning achievement;Early this morning, the era of the three giants of the nets officially ended.The Nets sent Harden and Millsap for Simmons, Seth Curry, And Trang, along with an unprotected 2022 first-round pick and a protected 2027 first-round pick.There is no doubt that the Nets lost their money in the Harden trade.To get Harden from the Rockets, the Nets used Leville, Allen, Tayshaun Prince and unprotected first-round picks in 2022, 2024 and 2026, as well as first-round swaps in 2023, 2025 and 2027.Of course, as long as the Nets trade Harden, they will lose.With Harden in his current form, it would be hard to trade for something similar to what he did a year ago.The Nets didn’t want to trade Harden, either. They wanted harden to stick with him for one season, like the Raptors did with Kawhi Leonard.It’s been a long time since Harden’s departure, but when he saw how Irving didn’t shoot, and how the nets’ front office treated him, harden’s heart wasn’t in the Nets. He knew that team couldn’t win a championship.What is Harden doing in the Nets?Not to reunite with Kevin Durant, not to baby-sit the Nets, but to win a championship, literally, at the top of the league.He almost tore his face to get to the nets.A year on, his path to the title has faded, but this time he has not broken his skin again.According to Woj, Harden wanted to be traded to the Philadelphia 76ers, but didn’t publicly request a trade for fear of public criticism.Durant liked the article, and is believed to be aware of the younger brother’s thoughts.This is what I think is really manly about Durant. He didn’t call harden, he let him go.The Sixers must be making money. They’re making money.They traded a player they didn’t want in the first round plus Steph for an MVP-caliber player like Harden.Even with harden’s slump this season, injuries aside, he’s still at that level.The combination of Harden and Embiid is enough to make you wonder, once the best free throw shooter in the league, inside and outside the defense would have been unthinkable a year ago.Of course, it’s too early to say the Sixers are a championship contender, but we’ll see how they fit in the second half of the season.To facilitate the deal, Harden exercised a player option for next season, which means harden will remain with the Sixers for at least a season and a half.If Harden doesn’t win a championship this year or next, it’s a foregone conclusion.The Nets traded simmons and Steph curry. Can you say how great the stops were?Not really.Simmons this person has been defined as the professional spirit is close to nothing, not to say how the court, can you guarantee that he will always be happy in the Nets?Besides, we all know what Kind of player Simmons is. He could have done a triple-double in the regular season, but he showed up in the playoffs, and even left the team after the coach criticized him.Steph’s outside shot is certainly above par, but he’s also a defensive bug when it comes to shooting well.The Nets already have mills and Steph Curry, and it’s hard to be on the court at the same time.So should Nets fans blame Harden?Of course not.The nets fans who really know what they’re doing should let harden go, wish harden the best in Philly, and add that we’ll see you at the summit.It’s not James Harden’s halftone, Steve Nash’s mediocrity, or even Giannis Antetokounmpo’s bench last season. Everyone knows there’s someone who should take all the blame.But the Nets can’t just cut Irving, and they can’t trade him, so he’ll have to play part-time.Harden hated Irving, and durant couldn’t help being in the middle, so harden left, Durant gave the thumbs up, and Irving stayed part time.When Irving left the Cavs, I quoted the ancient dragon at the end of the article: “There are men in this world who can do everything, whether they be men or women, and you can’t figure it out because you’re not one of them.”Harden can’t figure it out. Durant can’t figure it out. We can’t figure it out because none of us are.