Honey, you two are ruining the Life belt

2022-05-27 0 By

On March 15, two people “shared” a seat belt on the passenger seat of a light truck, which was seized by the eighth high speed traffic police brigade of the autonomous region’s public Security department traffic Bureau.The same day 16:30 xu, high-speed traffic police eight brigade police in guyuan toll station on duty, saw a license plate ning E light ordinary truck cab there are two people crowded together, suspected of overcrowding, they will stop the car for inspection.After investigation, this truck nuclear carrying 3 people, and not overmanned, but the passenger seat of the two middle-aged men crowded together, using a safety belt around the two people.Because the seat belt was too short to hold both of them in place, the person sitting on the inside pulled on it with his wrist.The police severely criticized the passengers and the driver, the driver realized the mistake, scene rectification after the police let it drive away.Traffic police remind, car seat belt is “life belt”, one person belt, this is common sense safety, but also the law, “human life matters, can not be a joke”.(Reporter Qiu Xi)