G30 even huo highway embroidery temple brigade area weather and road tips

2022-05-27 0 By

Weather: Embroidermiao highway brigade area on February 04 the weather cloudy to overcast, the northeast breeze, temperature -14~-1℃.Dangerous section tip: 2072 km to 2107 km from east to west for downhill section, easy to overspeed, out of control phenomenon, 2134 km to 2150 km road straight, gobi desert on both sides of the road driving easy to produce visual fatigue, through the above sections to drive carefully.Embroidermiao high-speed traffic police warm tips: driving, please keep a calm attitude, do not open gas car, do not force overtaking, forced car, do not change lanes or in the traffic shuttle rush.In case of heavy traffic and traffic congestion, please wait patiently and queue up for passage. Do not occupy the emergency lane, so as not to affect the passage of rescue vehicles.Special note: the road surface is slippery in rainy and snowy days, and the traffic safety risk increases.When a vehicle approaches a sharp bend, ramp and other unsafe sections, it shall slow down and drive slowly, and do not overtake or pass another vehicle forcibly.Please keep a safe distance between cars, avoid fatigue driving and travel safely.