“Popular science knowledge” wisdom teeth have a “best period”, in the end should not pull read this article will have the answer

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When it comes to wisdom teeth, there must be many people in life who will have the feeling of “it’s a long story, say much is tears” how painful it is to grow wisdom teeth after all?Serious can appear calorific wait for a condition like a serious illness but wait until wisdom tooth long after this kind of pain disappears again hard to avoid “good scar forgot to ache” my wisdom tooth is not painful also not inflamed after all want to pull out?Do wisdom teeth have to be extracted?In general, the sooner an impacted or symptomatic wisdom tooth is removed, the better.If the long position of wisdom teeth is relatively correct, it does not affect other teeth, will not cause harm to oral health, no pain and discomfort, it may not be removed, but the specific need to combine the clinical examination and comprehensive evaluation of the dentist, to determine whether to pull out.Many people judge whether wisdom teeth are extracted or not by a word pain, but if it is the following several cases, no matter whether it hurts or not, these kinds of wisdom teeth need to be removed as soon as possible. 01 malposition is common in mandibular wisdom teeth, wisdom teeth grow forward and squeeze into adjacent teeth.In addition, backward, lingual, buccal, and even downward can be harmful.Wisdom teeth growth direction is not normal, usually lead to wisdom teeth and adjacent molars between the gap or groove, easily embedded food residue, long time cleaning is not clean, adjacent molars will occur caries, pulpitis, apical inflammation, etc..Since most wisdom teeth are not fully masked, part of the crown is surrounded by gingiva, forming blind pockets. Food debris is easy to enter and difficult to exit, resulting in red and swollen soft tissues around the crown and pus accumulation in the blind pockets. Patients may have pain, difficulty in opening, fever and other symptoms.Pericoronitis can occur repeatedly, and serious jaw space infection and mandibular osteomyelitis will occur.03 Bite dislocation wisdom teeth will grow up to four, some people will grow one, and some people will grow several, when the wisdom teeth are out it is easy to cause no corresponding teeth for occlusion, resulting in occlusal abnormalities.Wisdom teeth often grow crooked due to lack of space. This often makes it difficult to clean the teeth and leads to caries.Women during pregnancy is a special period, more likely to appear wisdom pericoronitis, serious will lead to osteomyelitis, sepsis and even abortion.This is because during pregnancy, estrogen secretion in the body increases, systemic resistance and local immunity, the ability to fight infection is reduced, and the resistance to bacteria is reduced, which ultimately leads to the susceptibility to inflammation.Treatment during pregnancy is different from weekdays, if not treated, adults more painful;If antibiotics are used, the fetus may be affected.So, in many cases, doctors can only take conservative treatment, and both adults and children suffer.Therefore, it is recommended to carry out a complete oral examination in the stage of pregnancy, and timely extraction of impacted wisdom teeth that have occurred or may occur pericoronitis.If the gums around your wisdom teeth are swollen and painful, or even cause your face to swell and you can’t open your mouth, you are in a state of acute inflammation.Pulling wisdom teeth at this time may cause inflammation to spread, and may even spread to the whole body, causing sepsis, bacterial endocarditis and other serious diseases.Under normal circumstances, when wisdom tooth inflammation causes swelling and pain, it is not recommended to remove it immediately. You can go to the stomatology department for medical treatment, local flushing and application of anti-infection drugs when necessary.The wisdom tooth should be removed after the inflammation is eliminated and there is no swelling and pain.The specific operation method should be evaluated by a professional doctor.There is an optimal time for wisdom tooth extraction Generally speaking, wisdom tooth extraction before the age of 30 is appropriate, after the age of 40 can increase the trauma.The best time to have wisdom teeth removed is between the ages of 13 and 30.Many people are to “have to pull” to pull, but often because of the physical condition does not fit and can not pull, then because of wisdom teeth caused by the problem is difficult to completely eradicate, the quality of life seriously damaged.Some wisdom teeth have involved peripheral teeth bad, when two or three teeth have to pull out, the injury is greater.In principle once found wisdom teeth dysplasia, should be removed as soon as possible, otherwise in the future.The time of wisdom tooth extraction is recommended to choose the morning.In particular, they suffer from hypertension, heart disease and other diseases, or the wisdom teeth to be removed are complex wisdom teeth, which need to be cut for further treatment. It is recommended to choose the best choice of extraction in the morning.■ Women should avoid periods.■ If you have systemic diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, a history of drug allergies or other special conditions, inform your doctor in advance.It is recommended to bite cotton balls for 30 minutes after the operation, do not brush your teeth and gargle on the same day, eat liquid food and soft food mainly, and do not overheat the food.The day is not suitable for strenuous exercise, can be appropriate cold compress face, relieve postoperative swelling.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of passing on more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn