Icbc: “Work” to welcome the New Year trust silent

2022-05-26 0 By

Trust, sometimes don’t need to express in words, it may be a eye contact in everyday life, an action, is formed in the company for a long time of silent tacit understanding, is increasingly rich resonance between the heart and heart, just like the film the grass green, by a gesture, a smile, with day to day at customer side, gradually become a worthy of trust friends, relatives, family.Trust makes us feel warm when we are in difficulties, see light when we are confused, and experience beauty when we are dull.In the Spring of the Year of the Tiger, we may be on our way home for a reunion. We may be temporarily living in a different place due to the epidemic, or like Heqing, we still stick to our work. But no matter the cape and the horizon, as long as there is love and trust in our hearts, this place of peace is our hometown.No matter how many twists and turns we have gone through in the past year, no matter the coronavirus pandemic, let us continue to work hand in hand with the strength of love and trust for common prosperity and usher in a beautiful spring. From the INDUSTRIAL and Commercial Bank of China, I wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year in the Year of the Tiger.The bank around you, a reliable bank.(Yellow Milky Way)