Can energy storage major enter state grid

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Energy storage professional can enter the national home appliances network, but to see the specific release of information.1. The major of Energy Storage Science and Engineering was established in 2008, aiming at the strategic needs of the national energy revolution and the goal of carbon peak and carbon neutralization. The courses include energy storage principle and technology, energy storage materials, phase change energy storage technology, large-scale energy storage system development and project design.And so on.2. “State Grid” generally refers to “State Grid Corporation Limited”, the largest power grid enterprise in China, formerly known as the “State Power Corporation”, which included the national grid and all power plants.It is engaged in scientific research, technology development, information communication and consulting services related to electric power supply.3. State Grid Hunan Electric Power Company requires graduates to bring the following materials: application registration form, online verification report of school status issued by the Ministry of Education, summary form of personal information, original employment recommendation form, transcript, employment Agreement provided by the university, original graduation certificate, degree certificate, award certificate and so on.The graduates should send the application registration form and the electronic version of the application summary form to the recruitment email box of State Grid Hunan Electric Power.