Beijing old community public space exhibition new look at the “Double Olympic City” community new atmosphere

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Xinhua News Agency Beijing, February 14 (reporter Wu Ziyu)In the clean and tidy multi-functional activity room, an endless stream of residents came to experience traditional cultural skills such as writing “fu” with brush and engraving printing.In the dance studio next door, members of the community dance team were dancing to the dynamic beat of “Together for the Future.”It is hard to imagine the beautiful environment and ubiquitous life atmosphere. More than a year ago, this area in the Yard of Changdian No.11, Da ‘an Lanying Community, Dashilan Street, Xicheng District, Beijing, was still a messy bicycle shed.35 journalists from 20 Chinese and foreign media walked into the No.11 Yard of Changdian, which was built in 1985, to experience the “gorgeous transformation” of the old community.This is part of the “New Atmosphere of the Double Olympic City — 2022 Beijing Visit by Chinese and foreign media” city image interview activity sponsored by the 2022 Beijing Press Center.Residents experience traditional cultural skills in a multi-functional activity room in Beijing.Xinhua News Agency reporter Wu Ziyu interviewed that day, Beijing heavy snow, but no. 11 courtyard was filled with a festive atmosphere.On the eve of the Lantern Festival, yard 11 carried out a variety of cultural activities: in the public activity room, non-hereditary inheritors set up “small collections” and warmly invited residents to experience the intangible cultural heritage through personal experience.Under the outdoor gallery frame, “Yuanxiao guess lantern riddles” activity will be the winter Olympics cultural knowledge into the lantern riddles, in attracting residents to participate in at the same time, but also attracted many reporters to stop.In the community sports field neatly placed with sports equipment, children with toy shovels and small buckets, are enjoying the fun of playing in the snow.”The service orientation of each part of the public event space is finalized according to the needs of residents after fully listening to their opinions.”Big anlan camp community Party secretary Li Geng told reporters.According to him, the public space of no.11 contains facilities such as a convenient restaurant, reading room and dance room, providing residents with a variety of convenient services.At the end of 2019, the Beijing Municipal Commission of Planning and Natural Resources, together with the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the Beijing Municipal Urban Management Commission and The Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture, launched the “Small Space, Big Life — Micro Space Transformation Action Plan for People around us”.Exterior view of public space, Yard 11, Changdian, Dashilan Street, Xicheng District, Beijing.As one of the first eight pilot renovation projects, Yard 11 of Changdian completed the transformation of its public space on June 21, 2021.The newly designed public space has added 313 square meters of indoor activity area and 2,000 square meters of outdoor activity area, providing more space for the community to carry out convenient services.The transformation of public space has brought real sense of gain to residents. Zhang Changping, a former resident of Yard 11, has a deep feeling about this: “This area used to be a bicycle shed, which was dark and chaotic, but now after transformation, it is much more comfortable to look at.She told reporters that when finalizing the renovation plan, the community will publicize the candidate plan in the community, and the residents will give scores. Finally, the decision will be made after considering the residents’ wishes and financial situation.”Now, if my grandson needs a quiet place to read or do his homework, I take him to the community reading room.I have an elderly man in his 80s who can’t walk. Downstairs is a convenient restaurant with clean and cheap food.”Zhang changping also said that the community in the reconstruction of the original bicycle shed, still take care of the residents parking bicycles, electric vehicles demand new parking space.At present, the streets and communities of Changdian Yard 11 are still evaluating the use effect of public space, with a view to further renovating and upgrading it according to residents’ needs in the future.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: