The dunk contest sucks!47 points to win!Remembering Gordon and Laverne

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February 20th, Beijing time, NBA All-Star weekend entered the second day, skills challenge, three point contest and dunk contest are held today.The skill game is divided into three teams: the Knights three young, alphabet three brothers and rookie three.This year’s all-star skills competition also had a major change, a number of new sections, lasted an hour to finish.Our focus today is on the dunk contest, so we won’t go into the skill contest.The Cavaliers and the rookies made it to the final, and Mobley hit a 3 in 4.4 seconds to win the skills Challenge!Take a look at the three-point contest: Desmond Bain (Grizzlies), Luke Kennard (Clippers), Zach lavine (Bulls), CJ McCollum (Pelicans), Patty Mills (Nets), Towns (Timberwolves), Fred Van Fleet (Raptors), Trey Young (Hawks).CJ’s official photo is still blazers jersey…The last two years of the three-point competition added a flower ball, five points are flower ball (flower ball counts 2 points), plus two long three points (long distance counts 3 points), a full score of 40 points.First round: bayne 18, CJ19, kennard 28, lavine 14, mills 21, towns 22, van Jordan 16, trey young 22.Kennard, Trey Young and Towns advanced to the finals of the three-point contest, and the rest were eliminated.Towns was the first player in the final game and shot 29 points, breaking the all-time three-point record.Trey Young, who played second, scored 26 points, and Kennard, who played last, scored 26.Congratulations to Towns for winning the three-point contest!Dunk Contest contestants: Rockets’ Jaylen Green, Magic’s Kol Anthony, Knicks’ Obi Topin and Warriors’ Juan Toscano Anderson.The five judges were star-studded: Irwin “Dr. J,” Thomas “The Smiling Assassin,” Wilkins “The quintessence of human cinema,” Admiral “Robinson and Drexler” The Glider.”Carmelo Anthony put boots on for the first dunk, only to fail on his first two attempts before scoring 40 points on his third.It was a great hook, but the end result was disappointing…Anderson dunked first over Wiggins and scored 44 points on his first try!Anderson is more honest, don’t say much, buckle directly!Topin’s first shot was also a leap, but he added a backhand change that made it harder!To my surprise, the judges only gave me 44 points.It took him three attempts, but it was really difficult.Jaylen Green first dunked the side of the backboard, tried unsuccessfully multiple times, and ended up with a regular windmill for 38 points.The judges gave Green 45 points for his second penalty, a 360 degree aerial twist and a crotch, but he was disqualified from the final because of his low first penalty.Carl-anthony also used a midair spin for the second dunk, but his repeated attempts were unsuccessful and his finger hurt. He scored only 30 points and was also eliminated.Anderson’s second dunk was also solid, with an aerial twist and windmill, a nod to Carter in the 2000 dunk contest.Anderson’s dunk scored 43 points and advanced to the finals.Topin second dunk, hit the board empty catch + back between the legs, the movement is more difficult, but the dunk is not strong enough.He finished with 46 points to meet Anderson in the final.I thought the first round was bad, but the final was worse.Anderson tried to honor Carter for the first dunk of the final with an arm hang dunk.Unexpectedly the height is not enough, turned into a small windmill, the judges gave 39 points.Just to be on the safe side, Topin’s first penalty in the final was an open catch + crotch, and the judges gave him 45 points.I will never laugh at the Dunk contest in South Korea again…Anderson tried to pay tribute to Richardson for his second dunk of the finals, running from behind the backboard and dunking between the legs.Anderson tried and failed, scoring only 30 points.Topin clinched the dunk contest early, and even if he missed his second dunk, he would have scored 30 points.Topin was creative with his second dunk, hitting the boards and putting the ball into the basket for 47 points.Congratulations topin for winning the Slam Dunk contest.No creativity, no talent, low success rate, this dunk contest is too much!A disgrace!