Sichuan Dan Shuxian Excellent Principal studio held the awarding ceremony and launch ceremony at Shuren Primary School in Rongxian County

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On March 31, Danshuxian Excellent Principal studio of Sichuan province held the awarding ceremony and launching ceremony in Shuren Primary School.City and county education and Sports bureau related person in charge and studio members attended.At the ceremony, participants watched the video “Love of tangerine”.The meeting read out the establishment document of the studio and awarded the studio a license.Dan Shuxian, the head of sichuan Dan Shuxian Excellent Principal studio, awarded consultant certificate and honorary certificate to Professor Liu Yuquan of Chengdu Normal University and principals of the studio.It is understood that the Studio of Excellent Principals of Sichuan Province is to thoroughly implement the reform deployment of teacher team construction in the new era of the CPC Central Committee, The State Council, the provincial Party Committee and the provincial government, cultivate an excellent team of primary and secondary school principals, and comprehensively improve the leadership and professional level of primary and secondary school principals in running schools in our province.Danshuxian Excellent Principal Studio in Sichuan province is the first provincial excellent principal studio in Rong County. The establishment of the studio will help promote the high-quality development of education in Rong County.As the head of the studio, Dan Shuxian has won a number of honors in recent years. She has won high praise from students, parents and the society in teaching, management, discipline and performance, showing the educational feelings of an excellent Communist party member.In the next step, Danshuxian Excellent Principal Studio of Sichuan Province will take “principals grow together, school Characteristic development” as the goal. Through expert guidance, theoretical research, visiting schools, inter-school communication, headmaster forum and other learning forms, closely centering on the subject research on school management, through three years of study,Let the studio members grow into educators with advanced educational ideas, passionate education feelings, excellent management ability, and do a good job in education that the people are satisfied with.Edited by Peng Yanzhang Edited by Yu Jia