Shimen traffic against ice and snow for the masses to escort travel

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The tiger 7th day, a new low temperature sleet freezing weather come, together with the Spring Festival travel peak is coming, enterprises widespread return to work and production, the rapid increase of traffic, traffic, logistics of road traffic safety, epidemic prevention and control and safety production situation is complicated, concession transport department always bear in mind that people first, life is the highest, in the snow, for making “NiXingZhe”,Escort people when they travel.Braving the snow to patrol the road, the “rebel” to prepare for war.All units of the transportation system have entered a state of full readiness, paying close attention to weather changes, consciously taking coping with low-temperature rain and snow weather as an important task of the current traffic and transportation safety production work, fully implementing responsibilities, strengthening work measures, and making coping plans based on the actual situation of the unit and the industry.Do a good job of industrial salt, snow melt agent, grass (hemp) bags, sand, road fence and loader, snow shovel and other emergency supplies, machinery preparation.Traffic volunteers help vehicles transport snowmelt and other emergency supplies.We will pay close attention to extreme weather such as heavy snow and strong wind, strengthen safety management of ports and wharves, public transport and road transport enterprises and construction projects under construction, urge transport enterprises with “two passengers and one danger” to strengthen testing of vehicles and safety facilities and equipment, conduct safety checks on railway station infrastructure construction, and comprehensively assess the capacity of roads through the lines.Regional lines and vehicles that cannot reach the prevailing conditions shall be ordered to stop operation.Each township traffic control station increases the intensity of road administration inspection, and adds relevant warning signs to sharp bends, long downhill slopes and high slopes to prevent landslides, skiing and Rolling Stones from affecting road safety. Salt is sprinkled on the road surface to prevent freezing and icing, so as to eliminate potential safety hazards in time and prevent safety accidents.Highway patrol at night to strengthen emergency guard.Strengthen the sense of urgency and sense of responsibility, strictly implement the 24-hour duty and leadership shift system, urge each responsible person according to their respective division of labor, promptly work, keep communication unimpeded, strictly prohibit leaving the post without permission.Strictly implement the information reporting system, timely and accurately report emergency information according to relevant regulations and procedures, timely report highway obstruction, and actively respond to and timely deal with emergencies.Source: Shimen County Rong Media Center author: Zhang Chen Editor: Zheng Xiaolian copyright belongs to the original author, to pay tribute to the original