Production environment requirements of 100,000 grade clean workshop for medical masks in Shanghai

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The arrival of the epidemic has affected the sensitive nerves of the Chinese people.Under the continuous appeal of medical experts, people pay more and more attention to oral egg cognition.The mouthpiece is a kind of cattle guard product, which is worn on the mouth and nose to filter the air entering the mouth and nose, so as to prevent harmful gases, odors and droplets from entering the wearer’s mouth and nose. It is made of gauze or paper.When respiratory infectious diseases are prevalent, wearing masks has a very good effect when working in dust and other polluted environments.
 Many enterprises have begun to increase the production line of masks, but the masks produced also need to be graded. The production requirements of ordinary civilian and professional medical masks are not the same, and the use scenarios and protection levels are also different. So what are the requirements of the production process of medical masks and the dust-free environment?Today, we will take a look at the 100,000 grade mask production clean workshop of Shanghai Medical Device Co., LTD., to explain the production and disinfection process of medical masks in detail.Personnel entering and leaving dust-free workshop: 
 from changing clothes >>Hand sanitizing/buffering & GT;>Air shower disinfection & GT;>Clean corridor & GT;>Each clean workshop must be dust-free.The following figure shows the personnel flow diagram of a medical device company in Shanghai: 
 The logistics aspect of dust-free workshop: 
 From the initial selection of raw materials to the final molding inner package, the whole process must be dust-free and sterile.Workshop layout should be reasonable, pay attention to the smooth process flow, the connection between the upper and lower processes is smooth, the transport distance should be short and straight, as far as possible to avoid circuitous and round-trip transport.The following figure shows the production process and room layout of masks in grade 100,000 purification workshop (Grade D purification Workshop) of Zhejiang Gongmou Medical Device Co., LTD. : Production environment and requirements of disposable medical masks: 
 Those familiar with the classification of medical devices should know that medical devices are divided into three categories, and masks belong to the second category.Whether medical cup type respirator or disposable surgical masks production environment must be in the class of 100000 (medical said: D clean workshop) or more clean workshop for production, this is a national mandatory requirements, the production environment must be clean, sterile, masks have special requirements must be in the designated production under constant temperature and humidity range.