New Year wishes sent to the home of the old Party member

2022-05-25 0 By

On January 29, the CPC Jinhong Zhangjiakou Yingzhang Natural Gas Party Branch, together with the organization Department of the economic development area, East Road community, Baiyi Property visited the families of the old party members, sent them sympathy goods, along with the concern for them and the Spring Festival greetings.On the day of the activity, the visiting team focused on understanding the family situation of the veteran Party member. Yang Youlu, 67 years old, retired soldier of the veteran Party member, was awarded the title of “Advanced Party member” for three consecutive years before retirement. His wife had no job and was unemployed at home.As their son and daughter work in other places for a long time and seldom go home, the old couple moved to their daughter’s home to take care of their granddaughter.Yang Youlu has been playing odd jobs after retirement, when the small door door security, subsidies, during the work conscientious, ready to help others, help residents repair bicycles, help the community repair damaged tables and chairs, obligation to help shovel small advertising, cleaning up the corridor, everyone praised The warm heart of Yang Shu.Then, the group came to the party member Li Changying home, Li Shu home in Xuanhua Dongwang mountain village Li Kiln village, alone with an old mother, his wife and two daughters to work in the city.Although life at home is difficult, but Li Shu’s attitude towards life has been positive.The sincere sympathy, caring smiling face and warm blessing moved the party members.It also fully reflects the sense of responsibility and service consciousness of the enterprise and the community.Editor: Su