Mockery of women’s football!”Money” national football team Zhao Mingjian showing off a mansion and beautiful wife + fans: strict punishment

2022-05-25 0 By

Pay attention to me, take you to learn more information since the women’s football after climb the top of the Asia, and in turn to see the team’s performance, it is hard to believe that women’s no matter in the process of performance or game, they were completely crushed the team’s, and the team’s after the loss to the Vietnam team, also talking and laughing, like circumstances, it makes all of the fans is very angry.After the team’s been revealed “denial” and “sea cucumber” events, the team’s suddenly became a rat crossing the street, everyone Shouting dozen, and this time the team’s thorough angered all people, a large number of sponsors to give a lot of resources to the women’s body, plus domestic salary limit, make life hard on all of a sudden, soccerThis time before the team’s Zhao Mingjian see not bottom go to, he began to irony, women’s, and tinkering with their own home and the wife, his this kind of practice in this very period upon men watering again heat, a lot of fans can not eat this set, he said, to hunt down the former national soccer team, so women should be expelled from his satire, don’t let him play ball.By this time there are other voice said, Zhao Mingjian wanted to use other ways to celebrate women’s back on the top of the Asia, but he do to let a person feel he is jealous of women, who make the women’s win honor for our country, and the team’s but they were on the contrary, the Chinese football’s face are thrown out, and the former team’s satire on the women’s girl, he let his wife role playing in the video of the women’s title,Then he gave the sea cucumber to the women’s football team played by his wife, and then said that the men’s football team is not qualified to eat sea cucumber now, and saw the women’s football team came, so he gave the sea cucumber to the women’s football team to eat.The “money” the team’s obviously for women’s full of hostility, think all people despise the men now, and the level of the former national soccer team thinks he is the women’s football cannot compare with him, actually Zhao Mingjian strength for both club and country is so-so, and also don’t know what he ways to sneak into the national soccer team, it is said that the former team’s performance in “bad”, received a lot of money,But there is no evidence that when he got rich, he started showing off his big house and married a beautiful woman.Many fans are very dissatisfied with the “Qian” national football team, they have said that the “Qian” national football team should be carefully checked, how he got in, and whether there is any problem with his money to buy a mansion and marry a beautiful wife, if found out should be severely punished.At the club, the “money” to the team’s controversial, rumours he often participate in the “bad”, and then receive benefits, but there is no evidence that he is in after the national soccer team, once a game has to go to the bathroom five times, now retired from national soccer team, also come out with his wife the cheek rubbed the flow rate of the women’s football is satire to them,How could such a player with questionable moral character be selected for the National football team? So the fans all thought to check out the “former National football team”.According to people familiar with the during the spearhead of marcello lippi, the “money” international no less money, he often goes to beer and skittles, with beauty and body shape, all in the game, in the end only left the team’s training base, and in his satirical women’s video Decorate inside very costly, it is said that he’ll do anything now, including daily-rated has at least 8000 yuan,There’s a lot of money in men’s soccer.Obviously the “money” international women’s is to flow out the irony that if the motivation is that, you should not pay too much attention But he win honor for our country’s women’s satire, the fans have quit, he with what can be ironic women’s girl, so I have said, to hunt down the “money” international, let him leave football circles.Do you think this “money” international player should be checked out?Feel free to leave your comments in the comments section!