Li Zongren on the death of Bai Chongxi: he wanted to launch the Northern and Southern Dynasties, to bomb the mainland, the assassination is not worthy of sympathy

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When the Kuomintang was defeated in the battle of crossing the River, all the leading figures of the real forces held different views on the future retreat and the decision of counterattacking the mainland.Some follow the general trend and submit to the central government.Some still take a wait-and-see attitude at both ends of the first mouse, want to benefit from both ends.Still others are the ambition and fantasy of continuing to fight to the end, waiting for the change of times, to win the hegemony of the mainland again.Among them, Bai Chongxi was a firm counterattack pioneer, and even broke with Li Zongren because of this, but also to realize their determination to counterattack.To this end, by any means, want to rule across the river to dominate the mainland again.His actions did not succeed in the end, but the end was very sad.Even if the body died, Li Zongren also did not resolve hatred, said its confused behavior.He wanted to invade the North and The South and bomb the mainland. His assassination is not worthy of sympathy.What turned the two Allies against each other and could not reconcile.This has to say that the love and hatred between them, or the consistency of interests.The Republic of China period, warlords, GUI warlords become one of the southwest warlords.Experience the rule of lu Yunting of old GUI department successively, and the union of Li Zongren of new GUI department warlord, Bai Chongxi, Huang Shaohong 3 persons.Until liberation, the new GUI warlords were disintegrated and become the dust of history.As a new warlord, dominated guangxi period, accept the national government adaptation, become the vanguard of the northern expedition.Because of the different positions of the three, the strength of the New GUI clan was stronger than that of Lu Yunting.As the new laurel fasten 3 titans, Li Zongren general manager general situation, Bai Chongxi command military operations, Huang Shaohong sits the town home, command internal affairs logistics aftermath.The three were closely allied to form an iron triangle, which together with the GUI clan, became one of the most stable forces in the National government.Ii. The betrayal after the Central Plains War and the confrontation between “Li Bai” and “Li Bai” were just such an alliance, which was not very stable due to the rapid expansion of the strength of the Laurel warlords.Finally because of the defeat of the Central Plains war, the GUI warlords faced severe sanctions.And the prestige and position of alliance interior, authority does not have the Huang Shaohong that the feeling of existence extremely, still be turned by old Jiang finally, betray laurel department’s action.In order to protect their basic plate, Li zongren and Bai Chongxi began to cooperate more closely to fight against Chiang kai-shek’s disintegration.The formation of a new unity, two people, one ruling, one main army, so that the GUI clan tenacious survive difficulties, to defend their roots.”Li Bai combination” let old Jiang is helpless, can only maintain the original state.Especially the internal integration of two people after the pain, but also makes Guangxi become a whole.In fact, what we should do is to reform the internal affairs, expand the livelihood and happiness of farmers, carry out land reform and advocate the spirit of practical work.Finally, the harmonious political reform between the government and the people was formed, which made the prestige of Li Bai and Li Bai very high.The achievements of the reform were second only to those of our Party and ahead of the rest of the National government, making it a model province.Three, crossing the river after the two political differences, but the impact of the two civil wars, as a faction of the national army can not stay out of it.In particular, the defeat of the decisive battle in the Northern Part of the country dealt a heavy blow to Chiang’s loyal army.The GUI clan had a chance to regain power, so Li Zong-jen launched an attack, forcing Chiang to step down and becoming acting president himself.It can be said that GUI and Li Bai became the last main force of the Nationalist government, and the last 200,000 affiliated troops under their command were their last capital.We thought that the Yangtze Line could stabilize the power space, but it was just wishful thinking in the face of the general trend and the defeat of elite forces.In this way, Li Zongren’s strategic conception has not been put into play, and it is facing the aborted situation.If his administration idea can be implemented, it will become the pattern of the Northern and Southern Dynasties.His idea was to stabilize the line of defense along the Yangtze River militarily, in an attempt to rule by delimiting the river, waiting for internal integration, and trying to recover the lost territory in the north.Politically, it is to rectify the internal political environment, carry out social reform, and create a model of Guangxi.Diplomatically, it maintains ties with the United States, strengthens aid and expands internationally.If all three projects go well, there is still a desire to stabilize the south.However, the resignation of Chiang Kai-shek was merely a strategy of retreat and a scapegoat for his eventual defeat.This doomed his efforts to deploy the army, and political reform, to succeed.Moreover, American assistance was not something he could fight for. After all, the United States was well aware of the situation at that time.Lee jong-in’s plan itself is not realistic, just a name for the president.The battle of crossing the River broke the defense, so that it had not begun to display, it faced the end of the collapse of the regime.For the future situation, how to choose Li Bai two people have different views.Li Zongren thinks the general trend cannot be done, should retire to wait for the opportunity to change again.But Bai chongxi thinks there is hope to fight again.Finally, the break between Taiwan and the mainland was taken seriously, so that he had to leave the mainland.Faced with the choice of retreat, it seems different from Li Zongren, did not choose to advance and retreat with Li Zongren all the way.Instead, they chose Taiwan, and finally there was a subsequent rupture.Bai chongxi returned to Taiwan and became a puppet and tool of Chiang Kai-shek. He had to shout for Chiang kai-shek and fight against his political enemy Li Zongren.Bai Chongxi, who had hoped to take the military power and counterattack the mainland, became a prisoner and was placed under house arrest.But even so, he also made positive suggestions for the counterattack on the mainland.For this reason, he even proposed the terrible talk of traitorous countries, that is, with the help of the Us navy and air force, bombing the important industrial bases and traffic arteries of the mainland, destroying China’s industrial infrastructure.But was not reused, and after Li Zongren returned to the mainland, his life count also entered the countdown, was finally killed by stealth.Counterattacking the mainland became his last obsession.After receiving the news of his death, Li Zong-in said: “He wanted to launch the Southern and Northern Dynasties, to bomb the mainland, the assassination is not worthy of sympathy.”The evaluation is also fair, not a pity.Conclusion: Why Bai Chongxi was so obsessed with counterattacking the mainland was also due to his military talent style, which did not have a long-term political perspective.This is the difference between him and Li Zongren.Can not see the helpless situation has gone, more can not see the dark means of Chiang kai-shek.Bai chongxi ignored Li zongren’s advice and went to Taiwan, but the result was his own road of no return.The military argument is a reckless gambler who is willing to intervene in domestic affairs at the expense of external forces and even destroy industrial facilities on the mainland in order to determine the outcome.