A six-game losing streak is just the beginning, and the Nets are in danger of losing Nash if he falls out of the top eight in the Eastern Conference

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In the face of the bottom of the Kings in the west and key point guard fox missing with rivals, nets that was supposed to pick up the “soft persimmon” a pinch, but the reality is that they just became the “soft persimmon”, including Barnes, king of the hill, as many as seven players scored in double figures, let the nets shock lost the game, at the same time to swallow a six-game losing streak.For Nets fans, however, the six-game losing streak is just the beginning of what could be a much more painful loss with a five-game schedule ahead.Let’s take a look at the nets’ prospects in light of their recent history.1. The wave of injuries, plus many off-field factors, the depth of the lineup was cut.Obviously, as the first half of the period is leading the East’s top two Nets, suffered six straight losses of the biggest reason, is the team’s injury wave impact.The 33-year-old durant is leading the Nets, averaging 29.3 points, 7.4 rebounds and 5.8 assists per game.The four-time NBA scoring champion had a chance to win the title again this season, eight years after spraining his knee against the New Orleans Pelicans. He was diagnosed with a sprained MEDIAL collateral ligament in his left knee and will be sidelined for four to six weeks.And so far, the team’s record because of his injury, suffered a small blow.Durant’s absence leaves not only a 29.3 points per game void, but also the team’s go-to enforcer in the clutch.You know, the Nets have been burned in recent games, unable to produce consistently and being overwhelmed by scoring, and durant certainly wouldn’t let that happen.Harden also suffered a strained right hand and scored just four points against the Kings.Harden’s injury makes it easier for opponents to double team him and limit other Nets players.The inability to score will only make things more difficult for the Nets, who have a low defensive efficiency.Unfortunately, adriano and Joe Harris are also out due to injuries, as the team relies on scorers, their absence is made worse.In addition, outside factors also has a big influence to the season, Owen still refuse to vaccination, which made him unable to play in brooklyn home all the time, and the team must accept Owen from time to time, and sometimes a truce, apparently for Nash, this regulation is quite tough, not to mention now the team is in urgent need of scorer,Irving’s behavior was devastating to the team.In addition, Harden has been embroiled in trade rumors lately, and regardless of what the front office decides, harden and the rest of the Nets will be distracted to some extent by the rumors, which could hurt their playoff chances at such a critical time.2. Tough schedule, six straight losses is just the starting point, the Nets need to play 12 points.The bad news, though, is that the team’s next five games will be played against opponents who are not in a good position.Their next game is against the Utah Jazz, who are likely to be sidelined by a concussion.Gerber is also sidelined because of a calf injury.But the Jazz have one of the most rigid systems in the league, and it’s hard to see how the Nets can get any advantage on a rival’s home court.In addition the nuggets also good, and compared with durant is out, the nuggets MVP – about the base, but incredibly healthy, is expected to win the MVP this season, he has become the history of rare comprehensive center, top hand coordination and individual scoring ability, for the weakness of the nets inside, to practically white.And the Nuggets outside shooters are ready to help the team stop the slide.In addition, the Heat, wizards are nets in the east potential opponents, the Heat has rushed to the east second, and with lowry’s comeback, the team’s lineup once again welcomed all the main force of the game, and the Nets are currently injured full camp, the two sides of the battle the Nets are unlucky.The Wizards are fighting for a spot in the playoffs, and while they’re definitely ahead of the Wizards, it’s hard to imagine kuzma and Beal playing superbly and the Nets being able to withstand the heat.Overall, the nets schedule is still quite difficult, a little careless will drop out of the top eight position.3. This could be the season in miniature, with championship hopes fading.Worse, the team’s record could be a microcosm of the entire season.So far, the Nets have been able to point to claxton and Aldridge in the post, but Claxton is too thin compared to the east’s super post players, even though he has good talent, but can’t make up the difference.Aldridge, 36, is averaging 13.4 points and 5.6 rebounds this season, but the veteran has struggled to be consistently effective in the costly playoffs, not to mention dealing with a number of injuries.Griffin still has gas in the tank, but it doesn’t help the Nets much.The team’s weak interior could leave a big problem in the playoffs.In addition, the team has the “Big Three”, but this is just a virtual illusion, Harden has been inconsistent this year, and Durant has been playing “MVP” level, but there is also the risk of recurrence of injury, overload durant will inevitably increase the risk of injury.Irving, on the other hand, has been forced to adjust his game plan on home and away trips, which can have a major impact on playoff prospects.The team’s bench looks luxurious, but whether it can deliver the performance it should at the crucial moment is a question mark.To put it bluntly, the team’s championship hopes are fading, and a repeat of last season is not out of the question.Of course, for coach Steve Nash, the goal now is to survive the monster schedule, or his job will be at risk at any time.