What are the pressures from college?How did you cope?

2022-05-24 0 By

There are many pressures on college students, including life, study and employment.1. Pressure from life. Leaving parents for the first time, the monthly living expenses are limited.College students begin to pay attention to face, unwilling to ask parents for money, and most students fall in love, not rich life will be more difficult.2. Pressure on study: Due to the tension of high school, most students will relax themselves after entering university, and they will be far behind when they react. They can only envy others for the scholarship at the end of the semester, thus increasing the pressure on study.3, the pressure of employment, senior graduation is approaching, the students around have internship units, there are also students preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination, most of the students will be confused, employment is not easy, postgraduate entrance examination is not simple, and feel good about themselves, some jobs look down on, employment pressure is very big.4, coping measures: in life to plan spending, you can find a part-time job to get extra money;In study, listen carefully in class, sort out notes after class, the test content is the knowledge point talked in class;Employment, to understand their future planning, to consider the actual situation, do not blindly follow the crowd.