Spring Festival zero

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The Spring Festival, for most families, is a time for family reunion and family reunion.But it was a lonely day for me.This kind of loneliness is not only reflected in being alone, but also reflected in having no place to rely on.This situation has lasted for many years, until now is also unable to reverse, the heart is full of helplessness and bitterness.When I was young, I lived in a different place. When the Spring Festival came, I was just like a bird returning to the nest. I looked forward to coming home and reuniting with my parents and brothers for the New Year.But the other half does not support not cooperate, make ME very helpless, have to take the child alone often.Mother see again is “play alone help” come of, beginning a few years return ask: “your daughter-in-law zha don’t get up?””Oh!She couldn’t come.”I replied, blushing.But year after year, the old man did not wonder, do not want to ask.Parents in, life has to come;Parents to life only return.Since the death of parents, there is no “place to come”, less that aspect of care.But the sense of loneliness did not diminish, but increased.As age grows older, he inadvertently gets single, standing alone and hanging alone.Usually maintain a trace of tenderness, but to the festival but no message, few inquiries.It can be said that “the king is not king, not son, father is not son”, no rules and etiquette.This is a scar on my mind, do not uncover unhappy, uncover and very painful!What is love between human beings?Straight people love hate!Cut ceaselessly, reason also disorderly…”A little singleness is enough;Obstinate eyes stick hit not back “.I’d rather deal with a wise man than a fool.A wise man is reasonable and knows right from wrong;Fool gourd stir eggplant, take is not when the reason to say, can not get a table!”Cast wood peach, return qiong Yao”.”Dripping of grace, when yongquan phase reported”.What a wonderful world if everyone could do it!People who are good to you should know how to repay kindness;Smile at people who treat you badly.”As long as everyone gives a little love, the world will become a better world”…Author introduction: Name, Xi Zhiyuan, male, love literature, suifenhe writers association hangfan literature association member, “Far East literature”, “golden land”, “today’s headlines” published works.