Age group ding Chengxin more excellent ah, boarded the Opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, Ma Jiaqi can not be compared

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Article/Ink ran fun engraving title: The Times of ding Chengxin youth group more excellent ah, boarded the Opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games, Ma Jiaqi can not be compared!Speaking of The Times youth Group, we must be familiar with.In particular, captain Maka Chi has become very popular in the entertainment industry in recent years.Moreover, The Times Boys’ Group is TFBOYS ‘junior teacher and has attracted much attention since it was founded. It is believed that the group will be very popular.Several young inside, such as Ma Jiaqi, butyl Cheng Xin, Song Yaxuan, yao-wen liu, PIC source, YanHaoXiang, He Junlin seven people, from the beginning is a “group”, when I started out, their popularity is arranged it, until today, few people in front of the most popular may really want to change.The Times youth group has a total of 7 people, its Ma Jiaqi and Ding Chengxin’s attention is extremely high, the rest of the 5 members, in all aspects of the popularity, really not as high as two people.His biggest pain point was failing the college entrance examination.”Busy, happy, fulfilled,” was Mr. Mauf’s word in a recent interview.In 2021, The Times Youth Group released many new songs, appeared on many stages, and also received a lot of love and applause.Although he failed in the college entrance examination, it did not defeat him. He still proved that he was on the right path with his own efforts.Ma jiaqi will continue to take the college entrance examination in 2022.Where you fall, you pick yourself up.Every young fan should learn from his spirit.Ding chengxin summed up 2021 with “passion, regret and excitement.”Ding Chengxin and Ma Jiaqi took the college entrance examination in the same year. Through his own efforts, he was admitted to the Beijing Film Academy and became Wang Junkai’s apprentice.In the company, he is Wang Junkai’s younger brother, in the school, did not think is still Wang Junkai’s younger brother.In fact, before this, Ding Chengxin is still “happy camp” of small host, but at present hold 20 years “happy camp” stopped broadcast however.Otherwise, you can also see Ding Chengxin’s weekly interaction with you!Ding Chengxin regrets that he did not take the driver’s license, but is happy that his sister is pregnant with a second child.Ding Chengxin’s 2021 is rich and colorful, but I did not expect that at the beginning of 2022, another important news of Ding Chengxin boarded the hot search and became the object of attention, that is, Ding Chengxin’s face boarded the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games.Although it is only a few seconds, although it is only a blurred picture, you can not see Ding Chengxin’s face, but for any 19-year-old boy, it is a significant thing.Therefore, Ding Chengxin’s 2022 has infinite charm, and this effort from the very beginning speaks for itself.I hope ding Chengxin can continue to make persistent efforts, continue to carry forward positive energy, and make greater contributions to the cultural and entertainment industry of the motherland!At the same time, this is also seen from one aspect, Ding Chengxin is very fierce, in this point, Ma Jiaqi can not compare!