Longhu Shun Shan house decoration design, Shun Shan house decoration renderings of the third period, according to the mother mountain shop days ancient decoration

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Longhu Shunshan House decoration design, Shun Shan House three phase of the house decoration effect map, tiangu decoration according to the mother mountain shop contact information 023-63814933 this case for the Longhu Shunshan house three phase of the decoration case, 132 square meters of residential tiangu decoration designer’s design plan has ideas reasonable planning use of space, on the basis of simple and modern style,Warm grey tones with wood finishes and young, stylish design elements create a comfortable home for the owner.Sitting room space is given priority to with light gray attuned, surround type combination sofa mixed build gray element, with single chair collocation, surround long elliptic tea table.It’s a u-shaped, comfortable shape that makes people feel relaxed. Dark grey curtains and suspended ceiling light belts also create a warm and quiet atmosphere.TV background wall is very simple with warm gray custom wood, the design of different sizes of shelve, increase the sense of the wall level, the lamp belt from the living room ceiling extension, black TV fixed on the wall, under the light color solid wood grille, increase the temperature of the space, give a person the feeling of simple and fashionable.The ambry of the kitchen is unified warm gray all, gift a space lightsome soft feeling, the home appliance is embedded cabinet body makes neat and clean environment, add the application of lamp belt, make cooking more handy.The decoration of the master bedroom is consistent with other functional areas. The background wall of the bed with a clean introduction chooses art paintings to decorate, bringing the contrast and artistic atmosphere of the space.