From the analysis of Maqiao’s tactics of tuhel, hafferts will choose the chance of serie A

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Hafferts has been sidelined for a number of games amid fears that his form could be affected, with the likes of Antonio Cassano and Giuseppe Maggio hoping that kay will opt for a club in Apennine.Maggio believes tuchel’s tactics are stubborn and that if Hafferts falls off the bench in the middle of the season, he could be out of the starting line-up for the second half of the season.Given the lack of regular starting opportunities at Chelsea, Maggio has urged the talented German star to opt for Serie A and napoli is the club hafferts could consider for the next few seasons.Spalletti has publicly expressed his admiration for Kai as the Lightning team is in its formative years.Cassano believes roma or Juventus could also suit hafferts, with jose mourinho and massimiliano Allegri able to exploit the potential of young players, and the talented youngster is likely to move to Serie A in the future if only blues sporting director Marina could let him go.The author from The analysis of Maqiao’s strategy to tuhel, talking about hafferts in the future to choose the odds of Serie A.Maggio insists he does not understand why Kay has been left on the bench – Hafferts’s carling cup campaign was superb, his professional attitude has always been excellent and he does not have the obvious flaws of Werner.Even if the German star is not a regular fixture for the blues, Maggio feels tuchel should start hafferts in at least one or two of these premiership games.It is possible that Hufferts will not consider leaving the club this season, but if Kai stays on the bench for a long time with a good attitude and form, his chances of leaving Stamford bridge for another club will increase.Although hafferts has grown in stature since arriving in the Premier League and has grown accustomed to playing against the odds, Maggio believes the German star could opt for Serie A rather than the Premier League in the first place if he is unhappy with tuchel’s tactics.Harvard, came to the car at a high price, he is Chelsea’s transfer market in the summer of 2020 “has”, macho think this kind of situation is very similar to felix – Portugal prodigy and atletico Madrid on a transfer window “has”, so when he was in bad sheets legion, simone and management are willing to give him the patience.Hafferts is a bit of a mystery at Stamford bridge, but his price and potential are high and marina and Roman abramovich will give him patience for another two or three seasons.Macho analysis, he points out that the figure of hull in fighting strategy to have such a habit – the German coach was good at using the “plan” of YiBing, anyway, the thickness of the Chelsea squad is very good, if not to the German duo, the blues in midfield and mount, split amazed and oddo has these functions attribute all-around player.Ziesh has been very effective in these games and I think the Moroccan star has been in excellent form, which is one of the reasons why Hafferts and Werner have been left on the bench.If Tuchel can use kai in the Nick of time, and perhaps bring the big ears cup to Stamford bridge, then kai’s chances of staying at Chelsea as a surprise are increased and his chances of choosing Serie A in the future are not high.And Maggio emphasizes the fact that it is “the future,” not the present.Hafferts is only 22 and Maggio feels he should not panic if he becomes a substitute in the league.If the German international is not already a regular in tuchel’s third team when he is 24 or 25, he will have to consider leaving.Tuchel’s strategy, in addition to the meaning of “surprise”, the German coach will also play two formations on multiple fronts.In terms of the team’s current tactical set-up, jogenio, munter and Lukaku (when not in trouble) will all start as long as they are not injured.The Belgian star is not in the same position at Chelsea as inter, but Tuchel knows the value of an orthodox centre forward.Hafferts is obviously an important part of the rotation, and Maggio thinks he is in the “cup group”, so when Kai is in his mid-20s and he is still in the rotation and not in the core, he will have to look at other leagues.Why does Maggio think hafferts chose Serie A rather than a return to the Bundesliga, or la Liga or France?Maggio believes that a return to German football would not make sense, that La Liga is too technical, that hafferts would not make sense in Spain, and that Greater Paris are too far ahead in Ligue 1, and that Kai’s options in France are too narrow.Tuchel’s tactics will also make rotation players more “Buddhist”, rather than their own awakening to fight for something, “Buddhist” but highly talented players, also suitable for apennines football.So, judging from maggio’s analysis of tuchel’s tactics, hufferts could leave the blues in the future, with the chances of him choosing Serie A in the low teens.