Feng Shui master confessions (two) abandoned

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An inch of time is an inch of gold.When children do not know these things, there is no if and there is no again.What a pity it is to have parents nagging at home every day.From the age of eight, addicted to game machines, arcade machines, small overlord learning machine, family karaoke, video disc, and even behind the computer red alert, Age of Empire, starcraft, Jin Yong Legend, three Kingdoms legend, Fairy Sword Legend.Dial-up Internet in 1998, the url was played by guessing, the Internet fee was two thousand a month, Jin Yong, Stone Age, legend.I’ve had all the fun I need.Later, I opened a webpage from Notepad and began to learn computer programming by myself. I wrote about this content in the headlines earlier, and attached the link:https://m.toutiao.com/is/Lu1WBK5/ someone said learn C language, two days will be able to learn the Java, can find a job will be over in two weeks, is that true? (JiShanSheng answer) – today’s headlines are different in the narrative.During the school often naughty, but the grades are ok, so the teacher will turn a blind eye.If because of some reason can’t study normally, the middle school of the third textbook after self-study 150 cent volume, empty question 5 points, estimate points 145, score 145.The first exposure to Chinese Taoist culture was at the age of 16 or 17.That is, a congenital road, since childhood uneducated, abandoned much.