Extra!Extra!Commercial vehicles show signs of ‘X’ power, supertrucks Set for new storm?

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In the early omark S1 light version of super light truck launch conference, high-end light truck leader — Omark not only brought new products OMark S1 light version of super light truck, more in the release of the final embedded a small egg — Omark X.According to the Chinese custom of “the less words, the bigger things”, Omac X will certainly bring profound influence to light truck and even the whole logistics industry.Although there is not much public information at present, based on the existing information, it is possible to make a bold guess about the changes from “S” to “X”. As the strategic layout of Foton automobile in high-end light trucks, Omac chain combines global wisdom to create S series super truck products, and forms S1, S3 super light trucks and other product layouts.This advance revealed the plot of the Omark X, and did not follow the traditional S series super truck named.From this point of view, There should be a big difference between Omac X and S series super truck.Although detailed product information has yet to be revealed, the difference from the S-series supertruck undoubtedly makes the Omac X even more mysterious and exciting.What is the meaning of naming “X”?One of the highlights of the Omac X is the naming of the X.Referring to X, we must be familiar with the X new generation of Foton Automobile.In the 2021 Foton Global Partnership Conference, Foton put forward the slogan of “Sprint for ten million cars, towards the X new generation”.It also explains “X”, which is a kind of reform and represents foton’s endless exploration and infinite possible future.X new generation, Omac launched omac X product.Although the two can not be confused with each other, but it is certain that they are inevitably consistent in the concept of scientific and technological innovation and development.Under the future-oriented new generation of X, omark X created by the application of industry-leading technology is definitely not a simple upgrade, but a brand new product that Omark actively seeks for changes and constantly explores and innovates based on user needs.Under such initial intention, it can be predicted that Omac X will lead the trend of the industry and become the object sought after by users at present and even in the next few years.In addition to the name, there is also a deep meaning behind the fact that Omark X chose to appear at the launch conference of S1 Light edition Super light truck.We in-depth analysis of the light version of the conference is not difficult to find that this conference not only brought a new product, but also a set of urban logistics solutions.In this context, the omark X mentioned in the same release activity is bound to be closely related to urban logistics and transportation.In the blue card new regulations landing at the moment, the city logistics has made great strides towards compliance, high efficiency direction.At the same time, with the younger user group, “post-90s, post-95s” mainly young entrepreneurs put forward more requirements for transportation equipment.As the saying goes, “young people are the masters of The Times”. In the commercial vehicle industry with “science and technology, innovation and intelligence” as the prospect, OuHANG Omark, which always walks in the forefront of the industry, is a leader in scientific and technological innovation.As a blockbuster product, Omac X will be a high-quality product with a sense of science and technology that meets the needs of future customers.It is revealed that The omac X product will be officially launched in April. I believe that in the subsequent stage, the Omac X product will continue to expose its specific information, and will also bring more surprises to the majority of card users. Let’s wait and see.