A Qiang protects and promotes Hainan dialect with music

2022-05-22 0 By

A few days ago, the hainanese song “Love Love You” has triggered many netizens to learn to sing hainanese. This is the latest single sung and written by a Qiang, a well-known local musician in Hainan, which is regarded as the sequel to “Husband and Wife”. It still uses Hainanese as the elements.As a native of Hainan, Ah Qiang loves hainan’s local culture very much. He has been writing songs in Hainanese for more than 10 years and has a wide fan base in Hainan.This time, “I love You” is once again popular in the Hainanhua song circle. It is a song written by Ah Qiang to convey an optimistic and happy life and eulogize simple love after “Husband and Wife” in 2012.In terms of music style, “Love love You” adopts the form of male and female duet, the music style bouncing full of rhythm sense, in the naughty relaxed duet, let the audience feel the sweetness of love, the lyrics are mostly hainan daily and traditional slang combination, through the way of Hainan dialect can not be sung.Ah Qiang insists on “Hainanese” to create songs, his works have a heavy local element symbols.He said that all his songs have not changed the plot, is to carry forward the inheritance of Hainanese through works, with music to carry the Hainanese, let more people like to speak Hainanese.What makes him so obsessed with carrying hainan dialect with his works?A Qiang lived in his grandmother’s home since childhood, in the old Haikou grandmother and mother also said hainan, he grew up in the hainan language environment bath, and this is his way of retrospection and remembrance of the past time.”Many of my works are inspired by the little bits of Old Haikou. I hope to pass on the classic things of Hainan in the form of music, and the human atmosphere is constant.””Ah Qiang said.In a Qiang’s opinion, music is a special language and experience. The combination of trendy music style with dialect and slang rhymes will produce different sparks, thus forming a good communication effect.His song “Pomegranate Garden” has become a classic song in Hainanese. It has been covered by netizens at home and abroad on Douyin, which encouraged Ah Qiang to write songs in Hainanese.”I have been writing and singing hainanese songs since Ah Qiang returned to Hainan in 2011. ‘Pomegranate Garden’ should be the most widely sung Hainanese song at present. As a musician, he really has feelings and insists on creating works in Hainanese.”One music critic said.A Qiang said that the original intention of adhering to the creation of Hainan dialect is to make a modest contribution to the promotion and inheritance of Hainan dialect culture, enhance the confidence of Hainan culture, and show the world the unique and vibrant Hainan.