Zg force commercial real estate over 30+ new stores open brand upgrade

2022-05-21 0 By

In golden October, enrage bright day high, heptyl began with commercial real estate in the layout, there are over 30 + new store opening together, every time a new store opening, is a new beginning, a new start, business will be more rich content of g meet consumers increasingly diversified consumer demand, constantly promote the upgrading of industrial development, continue to deep heptyl valuable brand with service.Shanghai Zhonggeng · Roaming City under Zhonggeng Group is a one-stop business aggregation created by Zhonggeng Group. As a landmark commercial project in the core of southern business circle,It has won the “2020-2021 annual High Light selected fashion Landmark”, “2021 annual ‘Fun tide Play Holy Land’ business landmark”, “May 5 Shopping Festival Minhang Hi Up special Contribution Award”, “Minhang micro holiday New landmark”, “Meilong the most beautiful punch card place” and other reputation.Meanwhile, in 2021, Shanghai Zhonggung · Roaming City was certified as “Happiness Base” by Minhang District Civil Affairs Bureau.Now, night consumption will be one of the main features of Shanghai Zhonggung · Roaming City, with young people and mentality as its main customer group. On this basis, we introduce night snack catering, bars and other business forms, and strive to make the unique WALK STREET a new landmark of night economy and fashion in The Magic City.Wenzhou zhonggeng · Roaming World takes “Wenzhou at night, Carefree life” as the core, creating the most beautiful block complex in Wenzhou, the holy land of Internet celebrities punching cards, nightlife destination, parent-child gathering place and fashion landmark.It carries the expectation of ouhai district government landing, not only for the city economy brought new power, but also driving the beautiful upgrade of urban life.In this context, in the golden Autumn of October, ZHONGgeng in Shanghai and Wenzhou, promote the upgrading of commercial brands, is now standing on a new starting point, ready to go.