32 points +32 points +33 points +31 points!Lakers trade targets are too strong!Lebron is expected to get super help

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According to NBA reporter Michael Scotto, sources said the Lakers have been doing research around the league and have expressed interest in Raptors guard Gary Trent Jr.The Lakers are the best team in the league, no matter how bad they are.The 23-year-old, who is just starting his career, seems to have heard the message and has begun to break out in recent times.The Raptors pulled off a 106-100 win over the Hawks, with Trent starting for 40 minutes and finishing with 31 points and six rebounds on 10-of-22 shooting, 9-of-15 from 3-point range.With that one, it was trent’s fourth straight game over 30 points.Trent has scored 32, 32, 33 and 31 points in his last four games, scoring 128 points and hitting 25 3-pointers in an offensive efficiency that has boosted his trade.Through January, Trent averaged 21.2 points per game, shot 41.8 percent from 3-point range and made 4.1 3-pointers per game, becoming the Raptors’ leading offensive force.And while he continues to put his money where his mouth is, the lakers need to step up their game if they’re serious about acquiring the powerful scorer from the Raptors at the trade deadline.Trent is in the first year of a three-year, $52 million extension he agreed to with the Raptors last offseason, and with a career-best 17.8 points this season, it’s clear he’s angling for a bigger contract.The raptors now sit 25-23 in eighth place in the Eastern Conference, three and a half points behind the sixth-place Nets, but if they don’t, the raptors’ roster will make them better.It’s not without a chance to get a last ticket in the play-offs.So would the Raptors still be willing to trade trent?I think there’s a question mark.To know trent but 23 years old this year, more than Fan Qiaodan, west Asia kamm these core 4 years younger, if the raptors really want to develop him, he is likely to continue in array, after all, he’s 3-pointer for now this lack of perimeter teams (the raptors three-point shots hit of the season for the 18. 34.5%) in the league, it is really important.If Nath is willing to grant him a greater tactical role, Trent definitely has a chance to become the Raptors’ next All-Star in the future.But the Raptors have a lot of players to develop right now, with Van Vleet as the core of the team, talented rookies In Barnes, anunobi and Siakam.Besides, the Raptors are a forward brigade, and they value their forward players more.So if the Lakers are willing to make a big enough offer (horton Tucker + Nunn +27 first-round pick), the Raptors may not be reluctant to send Trent to the Lakers.In 2027, with Lebron James expected to retire and Kobe Bryant 34 years old, the lakers could be in a rebuilding phase, so their ’27 first-round pick is worth a lot of money, and many teams around the league are eyeing the lakers” 27 first-round pick.The rockets are willing to take westbrook’s contract only if the Lakers hand over their 27-year first-round pick.The Lakers didn’t think trading Westbrook for Wall would help much and were reluctant to send the ’27 first-round pick.Trent, on the other hand, is a good three-point shooter and a great scorer.Trent is a must-have trade if the lakers are going to be champions this season.Whether James can win his fifth career title this season will largely depend on the lakers’ ability to bring in the superstar.The lakers have fallen to ninth in the Western Conference, and it’s easy to see how the season would have gone if the lakers hadn’t made the move.There’s no reason for the lakers to give up on this season with lebron James in his prime, so it makes sense to go after Trent.