1 box office for 3 days in a row, $1.6 billion on its fourth day.

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Remember last year “Changjin Lake” at the end of the “ice sculpture company” to bring shock: ambushed the American volunteers soldiers, holding guns, holding grenades, in the temperature of minus 40 degrees, the collective heroic sacrifice, was frozen into rows of ice sculpture……Without cotton clothing, running out of ammunition and severely short of supplies, the soldiers were forced to eat teething potatoes in the bitter cold.However, it is the spirit of sacrificing oneself to defend the country that gives the enemy great shock.The story of Seven companies is not over yet.What about the instructor with the burned eye?Did wu Wanli accomplish his goal of killing 20 American devils?Seven company commander Wu Qianli, and received what difficult task?And, most of all, the most important question of all: Did the brothers get home safely?These questions can be answered in the movie watergate Bridge of Chosin Lake, which was released on the first day of the Lunar New Year.What important role did the Watergate Bridge Battle play in the Changjin-Lake War, and even in the whole war to resist American aggression and aid Korea?In “The Korean War,” Wang Shuzeng writes that the American soldiers, stunned by the extreme cold, heard news more frightening than the howling wind and snow. On the way to Hamhung, there was a steep pass over which the only bridge available had been blown up by Chinese soldiers.In the last jangjin Lake, the confrontation between China and The United States mainly took place in the three areas of Xinheung-ri, Yudam-ri and Hagaru-ri, east, west and south of jangjin Lake.After the volunteers wiped out the polar bears and turned the tide of the war, the US decided to retreat to the east coast of Korea.At that time, American soldiers tried to escape by plane at Hagaru-ri Airport, which was the scene of the first movie of Watergate Bridge.As the topographic map above shows, the Watergate Bridge is the only choke point for the U.S. troops to exit the Jangjin Lake area. If the bridge is blown up, the U.S. troops will be like turtles in a hole.Both sides are destined to fight to the death here.Good at “interspersed” the seven company soldiers, in the annihilation of the polar bear regiment department, ushered in a more difficult task – – fried water gate bridge.The 8.8-meter-long bridge is no ordinary bridge.First, the terrain is dangerous.It is a suspended bridge on top of four huge water pipes, with a deep abyss below.Difficult terrain means easy to defend and difficult to attack.With the enemy defending above and the snow on the ground, the volunteers on the ground below could not move during the day. Once they exposed their targets, they became flesh targets under the eyes of the Americans.Extreme cold, camouflage and attack, which for ordinary people, survival is no doubt a great test.But for the soldiers of Company seven: As long as the bridge is there, the mission is there.By, is not afraid of sacrifice, the determination to fight to the end.In history, the Watergate Bridge was bombed three times and repaired three times, known as the “Three fried Watergate Bridge”.After the bombing, the U.S. military will use advanced industrial technology, quickly repair the Watergate Bridge;Seven companies, wounded and losing soldiers, against a growing army of elite American soldiers.With each blast, the attack gets more difficult and the battle gets worse.The enemy has heavy machine guns, machine guns, flamethrowers, tanks……What about volunteers?Heavy weapons, in the days of millet and rifles, were rare commodities.The guns, they were taken from the Americans.Guns, bullets, grenades — count them.For volunteers, tanks are a Thanos presence on the battlefield.How do you beat them?By, uh, risking your life.Holding the charge bag, rushed to the front of the tank, there is a “small broad” hope.But the enemy is not a fool.Just when you think the little soldier is going to make it, the next shot, he’s blown to pieces in front of a tank.Too late to grieve, a comrade fell in front of the tank, more brothers, rushed up.Or tank bombing, the sharpshooter of the seventh company Pinghe died that scene, directly let me break the defense.Pinghe timed his time, dodged enemy bullets, and ran to the bottom of the tank to install charge packs, ready to blow up the tank and the Watergate bridge.However, his sleeve was caught in the tank tracks and he could not move, with the fuse in front of him, and he watched as his entire arm was crushed by the tank.There was a click and the audience gasped almost simultaneously.The tank under the flat river, resolutely rushed wu Li company commander shouted: shoot!The charge bag blew up, the tank blew up, the Watergate bridge broke, the Flat River was gone.Even more disturbing is the part about Yu dying in the army.After a night of fighting, the remaining soldiers of the seven companies rested and slept during the day when, unexpectedly, the enemy planes bombed and strafed.Yu Congrong, in order to protect his comrades ran to the top of the mountain to attract fire, even if all over the fire did not stop running, want to attract the plane a little further, even if it is a little……”Watergate Bridge” detailed description of the Chinese people’s volunteers, in the food, ammunition, equipment, manpower and so on seriously behind the situation, “three bomb Watergate bridge” tenacious feat.Across the screen, can feel the cruelty of war!Still remember Yu Congrong asked Wu Wanli again, “how many enemies have you killed?”Wu Wanli, lightly said: “it’s not important, I want you to go home safely.”The cold battlefield of the past, snow flying carrying the glorious belief;Nowadays, the spirit of the martyrs is deeply imprinted on the heart.It is because of the selfless and fearless sacrifice and dedication of our ancestors that we have now achieved peace.Thanks to films like this, we can cherish the present while remembering the fallen.I’m so lucky to have what I have now.”Watergate Bridge” surpassed $1.6 billion in box office receipts as of 00:00 on February 4.Go to the cinema to see for yourself how hot and cracked the top-grossing movie is for three days in a row!