Taiwan will shorten the quarantine adjustment to 10 days

2022-05-20 0 By

Taipei, February 14 (Xinhua) — He Zili xu RuiqingThe Taiwan Regional epidemic Control Center announced on Monday that it is considering a policy direction of reducing the number of days of home quarantine to 10 and conducting independent health management for seven days after the expiration of quarantine.Entry permit requirements for business people will also be relaxed in the future.According to the introduction, the new quarantine policy stipulates that the future home quarantine field so from the house or relatives and friends residence 1 person 1 family for the principle.Those who cannot meet the quarantine requirements for one person and one household must stay in an epidemic prevention hotel and complete quarantine for 10 days.The command center hopes to begin implementing the new quarantine policy after mid-March.At present, Taiwan’s entry quarantine plan is divided into A, B and C: 14+0+7 (days), 10+4+7 (days) and 7+7+7 (days). Plan A requires people to stay in quarantine hotels or centralized quarantine centers for 14 days, while Plan B and Plan C allow “one person, one room” to return home for quarantine for 4 days or 7 days.The Command Center announced on Thursday that 54 new COVID-19 cases were confirmed, including 4 local cases and 50 cases of migrants from abroad.There were no new deaths among confirmed cases.The command center said the new local cases are two males and two females, ranging in age from their 20s to 50s.Among the newly immigrated cases, 24 were males, 25 were females, and 1 was among those aged between less than 5 years old and over 60 years old, with 16 coming from the United States as the largest number.According to the command center, a total of 5,990,985 COVID-19 cases have been reported so far, including 19,621 confirmed cases.(after)