Sun and moon heavy sunshine old society, jiangshan scenery to help new poetry

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He duojing poetry club was established 60 years ago, the sun and the moon heavy sunshine old club;Its text ready, jiangshan scenery to help new poetry.Duojing Poetry Society was founded on the Double Ninth Festival in 1962. Affiliated to the Municipal CPPCC, duojing Poetry Society stopped its activities during the Cultural Revolution, and became one of the founding units of the Chinese Poetry Society after the end of the Cultural Revolution.After the establishment of the Chinese Poetry Association, in 1987, duojing Poetry Society was established in Zhenjiang Poetry Association.In 35 years of development, Duojing Poetry Society has been the core strength of Zhenjiang Poetry Couplet Association.In the past ten years, duojing Poetry Club has formed a backbone team of combining old, middle-aged and young, poetry and calligraphy art, created a public account, actively carry out horizontal communication with network poetry club and local poetry club, regularly carry out social classes, irregularly carry out wind gathering activities, and launched a number of influential poets and lyricists in the country.