Liu Zhongwei: keep the original aspiration and explore the mission

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At the age of 17, he stepped onto the platform and became president at the age of 24.He was tireless and insatiable, devoting himself to education and exploring teaching methods, and became a respectable and lovely headmaster in the eyes of teachers and students.It may surprise you to be in Liu zhongwei’s class for the first time: the teacher looks like a gentle “big brother next door,” and his math class is so fun that students love him.Diao Qiying, a student in Class 7, Grade 5, Wenchang Primary School, Xiangcheng County, said, “Principal Liu is my principal and my teacher.I respect him, but I like him more.Because his math teaching is very interesting, can solve any problem for me, I also worship him.”Liu Zhongwei is xiangcheng County Fen Chen town.His passion for education comes from his father, who was a teacher. He felt the light and heat of education from his father, so he chose the education industry without hesitation.In August 1995, liu Zhongwei became a teacher at the age of 17. Since then, the platform of Wangmengsi Primary School in Fenchen Town, Xiangcheng County has become a stage for him to display his talent in the teaching circle. He has devoted all his energy to education and teaching.In 2014, Liu Zhongwei won the title of Central Plains Teacher in Henan Province, and he was also the first central Plains Teacher in Xuchang city. The Provincial Education Department named Liu Zhongwei Central Plains Teacher Studio.In the same year, he was awarded the Mayor quality Award of Xuchang City as meritorious teacher.In 2015, he was selected as outstanding Teacher of Henan Province by henan Provincial Government.In 2016, he was named the Newsmaker of Henan Provincial Education Department, and in 2018, he was named the 13th Batch of Top-notch Talents of Xuchang city…From an ordinary rural primary school teachers grow up to be masters of the central plains, now 26 years of seasoning, in zhong-wei liu’s view, is the education achievement he: “education is offered me realize self-worth platform, is the children gave me an inexhaustible power to go forward I heartfelt thanks to the professional, I’m more fear to do this job as career.”Looking at liu Zhongwei’s working notes, from 2014 to 2016, he led his colleagues to conduct discussions on the subject nature of primary school mathematics, mathematical thoughts and other topics, so as to find more possibilities for the development of himself and his team.Therefore, he put emphasis on the primary school mathematics concept teaching, synthesis and practice, geometry and intuitive lesson study.In March 2014, liu Zhongwei Primary School Mathematics Teacher’s Studio was established.The studio is led by refining everyone’s teaching ideas, training each member to refine and form their own teaching ideas, highlighting distinct teaching characteristics and teaching style.Si Lihong, a teacher of Wenchang Primary School in Xiangcheng County, said, “In my mind, Principal Liu is a very innovative and reform-minded principal. He has been leading all the teachers and students of our school to advance on the road of reform and innovation.Principal Liu is also a good principal who is very concerned about the teachers. Whether it is study, life and work, so many aspects can plan for the teachers. Whenever I think of Principal Liu’s concern for everyone, I always feel very warm in my heart.”Education is the process by which one tree shakes another, one cloud pushes another, and one soul awakens another soul.Zhong-wei liu and grow up with the teachers and students: “in the future work, we will ongoing ascension of wenchang elementary school, regardless of the school-running idea, whether our education quality, accomplish a key to a breakthrough, we will let the wenchang the growth of the primary school teachers and students on the basis of high quality to get a bigger breakthrough, and the development of better.”XiangCheng melt media reporter | Du Wenhui depending sleep | zhao joy the reviewer | JiMingXun Sun Reping