Ding junhui swept the junior junior 4-0 to advance to the Welsh tournament, breaking 100 134 points into the final game highlights

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Ding Junhui, the world Snooker Tour’s 2022 Welsh Open qualifier, took on Gao Yang, a young Chinese player born after 2000, on Feb 19.Although Ding junhui was in general form, but still broke 100 single score 134 and 59, 4-0 to complete the sweep, smooth progress to the final 64.Ding junhui has experienced a big change this season. After the UK Championships, his world ranking dropped out of the top 16, coupled with the overall poor performance of the season, missed a number of high ranking events, so his world ranking continued to decline, now has fallen to 31st.Ding has not given up, however, and has repeatedly said he will work hard to improve and return to his familiar form as soon as possible.To the delight of Chinese fans, zhao Xintong and Yan Bingtao continued to thrive in Ding junhui’s slump, not only winning two ranking titles, but also staying in the top 16 in the world.The Welsh Open is a traditional tournament for Ding, who has also topped the tournament before, so he is expected to perform perfectly in a familiar tournament and find his form and touch.The qualifier was gao Yang, 17, who was born in 2004. It was the first time the two had met in a professional tournament.The first game, Ding Junhui shot 59 points, took the lead;In the second and third sets, both men were out of touch and scattered, but Ding finally took his chances, winning 50-41 and 55-31, respectively, to get a 3-0 match point chance.The fourth round, Ding Junhui seized the opportunity, hand directly completed the qingtai break 100, single stroke 134 points won, the total score 4-0 complete sweep.After qualifying for the main round, Ding junhui will face England’s Holt in the tournament from February 28 to March 6.In the other match at the same time of the day, Zhao Jianbo played well, beating David Grace 4-3.In addition later that day, Tian Pengfei, Xu Si, Li Xing and other Chinese team players will also play in succession, impact is the seat.