Boutique masterpiece “the villain after rebirth forced me to write love letters”, the more chase more addictive

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The first chapter is after wearing the book to the male master confession “Think yan, what are you still in the hair stay?The next song is your turn to sing the confession song luo Shu allow!”In the noisy KTV, Jiang Shishi said in Lu Siyan’s ear, and passed a cup of “flavoured” red wine to Lu Siyan.Where is this?Lu Si Yan blinked, originally cowardly fundus across a cold cold.Lu Siyan looked around. She should have been consumed by the flames and now she was sitting unharmed in a KTV.Around her sat a bunch of half-grown kids in their early 20s.Since her childhood, Jiang Shishi had been jealous that Lusi Yan was born in a better condition than her family. Seeing Lusi Yan’s lip compression and silence, she thought lusi Yan had become timid again.She is still waiting for lu Si Yan’s failed confession video to be uploaded to the Internet, the whole network ridicule.The most happy thing in the world for her is to see Lu Siyan become a hated mouse, not as good as her, people.Jiang Shishi put away the bitterness in her eyes and urged Lu Siyan, “Siyan, have a drink.You’ll be less afraid when you tell them.”The woman’s voice is loud!Ruth frowned, and for a second it was as if an invisible hammer had hit her hard on the head.Accompanied by a buzz in the brain at the same time, a section of the original does not belong to her memory poured into the sea.Lu Siyan realizes that she has entered a novel called “The Crematorium of The Overbearing School Grass Chasing His Wife” and becomes a cannon fodder girl with the same name.The fate of female cannon fodder is really worthy of cannon fodder two words.I got bullied by my stepmother at home, and I did five years for drunk driving.When she was released from prison has half mad state, but the original master even in such a state also love men, because men luo Shuallow a word, she killed the family.Her family was not much, not even family, but there were three lives.”Siyan, you are so weak!You didn’t even have the courage to say it. I was wrong about you.I don’t want to be bestie with someone who likes you but doesn’t pursue it.”She particularly?She can defuse a bomb about to explode.She doesn’t know how to write pussy in her dictionary.Lu Siyan came to her senses and quickly calmed down and looked at the wine that Jiang Shishi had put into the stimulant.Kang si-shi and the original owner of the body have a sisterhood of plastic flowers. She is jealous of the original owner’s better family background, so she secretly hopes to ruin the original owner’s reputation.According to the story, she would not only cry when singing, but also take off her clothes in public. Finally, when she went home, she also limped A leg of Gu Ye, the richest bastard son in A city, because of doping and drunk driving.She spent five years in prison for it.Wait a minute!Is she going to sing later?Great joy poured into Lu Si Yan’s eyes.She was thrilled to realize that this body now had this perfect voice.She was one of the world’s best double bodyguards until she was framed and lost her voice, and now she can talk again!Lu Siyan stared at the flavored red wine that was handed to her, and her mouth was dripping red. “Jiang Shishi, would you like to have a drink with me?I don’t want to drink it alone.”Jiang Shishi looked at Lusi Yan, who was uglier and creepier than the ghost, with thick foundation on her face. “Bitch is hypocritical!Go to the toilet dare not go up by oneself, even drink also want me to accompany!We’ll make a fool of ourselves!”In order to let Lu Siyan drink the stimulant as soon as possible, Jiang Shishi had to pour a cup of wine for herself, and pretended to say: “For the sake of being a bestie, I will drink with you!”Jiang Shishi was about to pick up the wine cup when Lu Si Yan looked frightened and exclaimed, “Shi Shi, you…There are cockroaches at your feet!”What Jiang Shishi fears most is cockroaches. She screams and throws herself into Lu Siyan’s arms.This college kid is a real gullible guy.Lu Siyan took the opportunity to exchange her wine glasses with Jiang Shishi’s.After switching the red wine, she patted Jiang shishi on the back and said, “I’m scared by your screams. You can get out of my arms.”Jiang Shishi always thought something was wrong when she heard Lu Siyan’s cold voice, but now she was so preoccupied with seeing Lu Siyan make a fool of herself in front of the male god that she didn’t think much about it.Lu Si Yan looked at Jiang Shi Shi coldly with a smirk on her face and said, “Si Yan, it is beautiful that you have courage now.Cheers, I’ll support you!”Lu Si Yan sneered inside.”Cheers.”Because the KTV was too noisy, Jiang sishi didn’t catch Lu Siyan’s last whispered words: “I’m looking forward to your strip performance later.”In addition to Jiang Shishi, not far from sitting beside Luo Shuyun Leng Jiaru also know the plan of Jiang Shishi.Leng Jiaru asked loudly: “Lu Si Yan,” by the star billion years “this song is you order?””Star by Star”…This is a song she likes to sing, too.When Lu Siyan looked at the subtitles, she felt emotional reaction in her heart, but kept calm on her face and replied, “That’s right.”Leng Jiaru turned to the C university grass who was sitting next to her. “Luo Shuyun, I remember this song is your favorite.Now Russi Yan is going to sing it for you.”Who do not know poor grades of students Lu Si Yan secretly love Luo Shu allow for many years, then most of the PEOPLE in the KTV began to heckle.Lu Si Yan’s cold eyes ran across their faces.The people who were heckling were all waiting to see her make a fool of herself.In the place people know lu Si Yan tone-deaf, but only Lu Si Yan every day listening to the rainbow fart do not know their tone-deaf.As the crowd waited to see her jokes, Lu Siyan stood up and walked to the screen, holding the microphone in her hand, trying to hold back her emotions.She never dreamed that she would be able to sing again.Lu Si Yan a light cough: “I heard that this” chasing after the star billion years “is luo Shuyun like the song.”Jiang Shishi waited to see Lu Si Yan’s awkward confession with a malicious smile in her eyes. Then Lu Si Yan changed her mind and said, “But…This song is also my little nephew’s favorite song, so I often listen to it, I hope it will not let my little nephew down.”Sitting in the corner wearing sunglasses, wearing a black hoodie, the tip of the nose to the right of a cinnabar red mole, exudes a cold charm of the temperament of the man looks slightly surprised.After being reborn, he came to this party early because in half an hour, Lusyan was going to break his leg because of drunk driving.Gu Ye played with the red wine cup, he remembered Lu Siyan today will stumble to Luo Shuallow confession, and also ugly, video was put on the Internet, to the whole network black, almost committed suicide.Lu Siyan didn’t kill herself because she was later sentenced to five years in prison for drunk driving.What the hell is going on now?Lu Siyan does not seem to have to tell the meaning of luo Shu allow, even…To take advantage of luo Shuyun in public.Hear lu Si Yan connotation himself is a little nephew, Luo Shuyun subconsciously frown, think Lu Si Yan is just drunk.Gu Ye had his leg broken by Lu Si Yan in his last life. Because of his hatred, he knew lu Si Yan well.Now he knew, like everyone else, that Lu Siyan was tone-deaf.In the prelude, when Gu Ye was rubbing two small tissues into his ears, lu Siyan’s ethereal singing made his hands stiff.What happened to her voice like that?!The lu Si Yan he knew in his last life is very different!”A hundred million years, but love your eyes.In the universe, light years are long but my missing for you…”Lu Si Yan’s ethereal singing sounds like the sound of heaven, and the end notes tremble gently, just like the ethereal and clever sound of the flute, which arouses people’s heartstrings.Kang s smile froze in her eyes.Is she hearing voices?Under the influence of the stimulant, Jiang Sishi slaps herself in the face, trying to pull herself out of this unrealistic illusion.How could Lu Siyan sing better than her? She was the first prize winner of the last school singing contest!The crowd turned to see The scene of Jiang Shishi slapping her face, are dumbfounded.Is this crazy?When he found the surroundings quiet, lu Si Yan’s song stopped.Jiang Shishi was grinning and even ferocious: “It was really my hallucination!”Lu Si Yan likes quietness, even if she likes singing, it is also in a professional recording studio to sing.Before crossing through the Lu Siyan besides is the world’s top stunt double bodyguard, she still has another identity, that is the god singer city smoke that never appears.She didn’t want to stay in the noisy KTV environment.Lu Si Yan is ready to take the bag and leave.Where’s her bag?Lu Si Yan now her limited edition bag, which had been placed on the sofa, was missing.Lu Si Yan has two characteristics.First of all, Lu Si Yan regards money as her destiny.Second, Lu Si Yan tit will be reported.Aside from the fact that limited bags are important, there are car keys and cell phones inside.The KTV is about 20 kilometers away from Lu’s home, and because it is a high-end KTV club, it is so remote that you can hardly get a taxi nearby.Lu Siyan glanced around and saw a man in a black hoodie and dark glasses sitting in a corner, fiddling with his bag.This man…Seems to be the book’s villain Gu Ye!(Click on the card above to read the full text oh ↑) Thank you for reading, if you feel small series recommended books meet your taste, welcome to give us a comment message oh!Pay attention to the Girls’ Novel Research Institute, xiaobian for you continue to recommend wonderful novels!