Why is the seal red in the brief of the seal

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1. Because red seals stand out on white paper.2, although different cultures around the world, but for red but have the same cognition, usually red are endowed with specific symbolic significance, such as the symbol of the blood, the sun, fire, souls or spirits, etc. 3, the cognition of cinnabar in ancient China and application of the earlier, the chemical composition of mercuric sulfide, its colour and lustre is scarlet, have long been used as a pigment.As early as in the Shang Dynasty, there was “tuzhu oracle bone”, which ground cinnabar into red powder and embedded it in the inscriptions to show eye-catching.The cinnabar color was used for printing, which was invented in the Warring States Period, but its application was limited.4. In the eyes of the ancients, red was considered sacred. For example, amulets, spells or divinations used in magic techniques, which were often written in red, were considered better and more effective.Imperial rescripts were often written in Chinese calligraphy.5. In addition, because the red seal is not easy to fade, eye-catching and solemn, it not only shows solemnity, but also has certain authority and deterrence.Therefore, most of the seals we see are red.