Too acid!Korean media: the Chinese team won the first gold medal only after an opponent’s mistake, and they have to thank the South Korean coach

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On February 5, Beijing time, the first day of the Winter Olympics competition, China won the newly-added short track speed skating mixed relay event.However, the south Korean media Naver Sports for this champion’s evaluation, but not too high.They focused on the fouls in the semi-final and their team’s early exit.In addition, they specifically mentioned that The Chinese team’s progress should be thanks to south Korean coaches Kim Sun-tae and Ahn Hyun-soo.Short track speed skating mixed relay is a new addition to this games, not in the past Winter Olympics.The Chinese team, along with the Korean and Italian teams, is the big favorite in this event.And the Russian Olympic team, the United States have the possibility of an upset.But South Korea were the first to go out, and they didn’t even make the semi-finals because someone fell.In the final, China defeated Italy by 2 minutes 37.34 seconds to win the first place.Italy clocked 2:37.39.The difference between the two teams is very small.After the game, the South Korean media some sour.Because in their eyes, the Korean players in this event are very strong.Unlike in the past, only hwang Dae-heon and Choi Min-jeong are world-class players on the Korean men’s and women’s teams.Shen Xixi was disqualified, Jin A Lang and others regressive obvious.Lee yoo-bin, who is good-looking, is young and inexperienced.However, if Korea competes in the mixed group, it can make up for the lack of elite Korean players.But on day one, they blew it.Despite the elimination, The Korean media still questioned the fouls of the Russian Olympic team and the U.S. team in the semifinals.They argued that If the referee had not pointed out the problems between the two teams, The Chinese team should not have appeared in the final at all.During the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics, South Korean media did not fail to find reasons for the South Korean team.Clean track, smooth baton handover and so on.But it was clear to everyone that they had a big advantage in short track speed skating, especially in women’s events.And these controversies, they don’t talk about.In addition, The Korean media also pointed out that due to the guidance of Kim Sundae and Ahn Hyun-soo and other people, the Chinese team improved quickly.And went out of their way to emphasize their role as head coach.Jin shantai is Korean, but the Chinese women’s team hasn’t improved much in recent years.Of course, this is not the coaches’ fault, but the Chinese women’s elite players are far from what they used to be.China’s first gold medal, Jin Shantai is no small credit.When mentioning Ahn Hyun-soo, the Korean media should have written his name victory-Ahn correctly.Ahn had already joined Russia because of serious disagreements with the South Korean team and represented the country at the Sochi Olympics.Ahn has been reluctant to return to the Korean short track speed skating team due to many conflicts.Later, Naver changed Ahn s name in another article.He used the famous Russian legend Victory-Ann, which looked more like a sneer.Today’s South Korean team is declining rapidly.But this slide is entirely self-inflicted.Different players on the Korean team represent different companies and have money behind them.Due to the lack of coordination, Korea decided to cancel the coaching staff and let the staff decide the players’ appearances according to the data. As a result, the Korean players’ performance declined when they reported to the national team for the past year.On a club team, you can bounce back.It is known that Korean players practice by themselves because there is no coach.Combined with their plastic relationship, they made a big mistake like falling over.PS: It is not easy for old fans in Hubei to write. If it is convenient, please pay attention to old fans in Hubei and help recommend their works.