Delegates in the first-tier city party representative Wang Weihan: the development of characteristic industries to promote the rich people strong village

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Rizhao live March 15 – This year’s municipal Committee of the work report put forward that the rural revitalization as the new era of “agriculture, rural areas and farmers” work of the total grasp, precise force “five revitalization”.City party representative, Wulian county knock guan town multifunction temple head village party branch secretary Wang Weihan seriously implement the spirit of the Party congress, planning the village development blueprint, aiming at the new goal of strong village and rich people.Wang Weihan was elected as the secretary of the Multifunction Sidou Village Party branch in 2017. In the past five years, under his leadership, the multifunction Sidou Village Party’s grassroots organization construction, infrastructure, living environment, industrial development and other great changes have taken place.The party congress set the city’s development goals for the next five years, and Wang weihan has a new plan for the development of the village.”Feel the work report of the municipal committee of the rural construction and industrial development made a good plan, we further strengthen the construction of the Party branch team, the party members, villagers ideological education unified to the next step of rural development work, with high morale to speed up rural infrastructure and agricultural industry development.”Wang weihan said.Centering on the requirements of “five revitalization” in the rural work put forward by the 14th CPC Congress, Wang Weihan and the cadres of the two committees investigated and understood the outstanding problems facing the current village development, formulated the development ideas of continuing to do a good job in the construction of beautiful countryside and guiding the villagers to cultivate and develop the characteristic agricultural industry of the village.Wang Weihan introduced, now multifunction temple village development of organic tea 120 acres, kiwifruit 50 acres, this year plans to organize villagers to plant millet 100 acres, relying on the village e-commerce base to sell the surrounding village agricultural products together to all parts of the country, further boost the villagers’ money bags, strengthen the village collective economy.As a city party representative from the grassroots in the countryside, Wang Weihan has witnessed the better days of ordinary people and the changes in the village.This year, he plans to use the village party branch to set up cooperatives to recycle idle land in the village and promote the integrated development of primary, secondary and tertiary industries.At the same time, the location and transportation advantages of the village along the mountain and sea style green road will be taken advantage of, and supporting workshops will be built by relying on the cold chain storage center project of the village to strengthen the village and enrich the people.”We will focus on the construction and operation of warehouse center projects, make rational planning and utilization of idle land, support capable young people to return to the village to start their own businesses, and carry out deep processing of agricultural and sideline products, striving to turn our village into a beautiful village with thriving industries, flourishing talents, beautiful life and excellent environment.”Wang weihan said.(Wu Liantai, Reporter of Rizhao Radio and TELEVISION)