One hundred years of vicissitudes, warm the world!The third episode of the documentary Yunnan-Vietnam Railway will be aired tonight

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The third episode of the four-part documentary “Yunnan-Vietnam Railway: The Story of Life” will air tonight at 21:44 on Yunnan TV

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(Trailer of the third episode of Yunnan-Yue Railway · The Story of Life) Yunnan-Yue Railway once brought infinite vitality to the red earth plateau and also left many spiritual wealth family workers special groups on the railway line hardworking half of the sky good wife and mother train drivers, maintenance workers, railway bridge keeper……Lives in this article on the lifeline of company and grown old feelings is their keywords to climb up the cheeks wrinkles is engraved medal for their time to see the story of the yunnan railway, life looking for those reserves on the mottled railway, the story of life in old locomotive video: zhou yunnan radio and television studios reporter: HongXiaoXia main editor:Sheng Xuemei Final Trial: Lu Gang and Hu Bin