Coastal support has speed, power and warmth

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More than 1,000 members of the support team from Binhai New Area gathered quickly and rushed to Jinnan at night. Upholding the principle of putting people and life first and caring for the people, they injected “Bincheng temperature” into epidemic prevention and control with sincerity and sincerity on the front line, winning the trust, support and praise of the people.Reporter Zhang Yongzhi Dong Xin reported that the coastal support team for the map “we are anxious to fire on the house, you came!”Among the friends of the social workers of binhai New Area support team, a video of jinnan residents praising the members of Binhai New Area support team has been circulating recently.An old man picks up thumbling as he faces a coastal social worker who is busy at a community supply point.”We were on fire when you came.You sell really good things, cheap prices, good goods, good service, thank you so much, thank the government…””Said the old man gratefully.A binhai social worker kept comforting the old man: “Thank you, the government will ensure the life of our residents, so that everyone will have no worries.”On January 23, the reporter contacted the witness of this tender dialogue according to the video – she Yiyi, deputy secretary of the Community Party Committee of Dagu Street and Beautiful garden.She told reporters that the video was filmed in the morning of January 19, the location of dagu street social workers volunteer work yihuali community in Xianshui Gu town life supplies point site.A 78-year-old female resident could not help but sigh with emotion when she saw baymax, the social workers of Binhai who waited in the cold weather to serve the residents warmly, and asked about the price of the goods. She gave a thumbs up for everyone and the government from her heart.It turned out that after the outbreak of the epidemic, residents of yihuali community, where the elderly lived, were worried about procurement and began to buy a large number of daily necessities. The community and nearby supermarkets were soon emptied.The old man, who seldom goes downstairs, was very worried when he found out.At this time, the municipal and district governments, while strengthening epidemic prevention and control, have stepped up efforts to build supply chains for residents’ daily necessities by thinking about what residents want and responding to their needs.Quality goods from the main channel of tianjin’s state-owned grain and oil enterprises were quickly supplied, and She Yiyi and other social workers from the same neighborhood received an important task: guarding the supply point, helping enterprises sell goods and serving the community.”The goods are good, and the price is not expensive, even below the market price.”According to She yiyi, the government is taking care of residents.A germ-free egg, for example, sells for less than 10 yuan per kilogram, while the market price is about 12 yuan, she said.A good quality rice, the market price is 43 yuan per bag, only 30 yuan here.”The government cares about serving the residents, but we need to care more about serving the people.”She Yiyi, who works in the community all year round and has rich experience in dealing with residents, and her “comraes-in-arms” bring their usual community experience to Jinnan: think from the perspective of residents, provide considerate service and smile.In addition to ensuring supplies to the community with her “comrades”, she Yiyi, who is thin and thin, has taken on tasks such as patrolling, material distribution and garbage cleaning in the Linjing Garden district of Xinzhuang Town, which is located in the closed area since January 22.From 10:00 a.m. on The 22nd to 10:00 a.m. on the 23rd, she has been sticking to the gate of the building where she is, connecting with the community and docking various instructions, serving the residents of five households.Outside, jinnan is cold after snow. Inside, people’s homes are warm like spring.She stood outside the building with the rest of the Baymax, towering against the snow against which she and her support team stood.On the morning of January 23, the Binhai support team took a group photo during the rare short rest time. 19 brave soldiers from the “Support Jinnan Youth Commandos” of the water Conservancy Company of the Urban Construction Group of the New Area State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission were arranged in the front row, which was the high recognition of the support team for their work in recent days.For several days, the commandos really play a surprise role, they continue to go deep into jinnan prevention and control of medium-high risk areas to sink into households to conduct nucleic acid sampling, investigation and registration of residents’ information, distribution of supplies, fighting day and night in the front line of epidemic prevention and control.In the household sampling, they will be careful to serve the masses, pay attention to the isolation of people in the closed and controlled areas psychological counseling, to convey positive emotions to the residents, so that the service residents more warm.On the evening of January 16, the commandos received an urgent task arranged by the local community to seal the area of the forest Garden service residents left behind.On the second floor of Building 19, there lives a paralyzed old man over 80 years old. His child, a medical worker, has been fighting in the front line of epidemic prevention and control, and the medicines the old man takes will soon be out of supply.After receiving the instruction, team leader Yang Dewei and several members of the team immediately get medicine rushed to building 19.Yang Dewei, who has been working in state-owned enterprises for a long time and is good at mass ideological work, first thought that the trip to deliver medicine was also a trip to psychological counseling for the elderly.Under the epidemic, residents will inevitably feel anxious, and psychological counseling may be more important than material help.Before departure, he first community to understand that the old man children in epidemic prevention and control of a line of work condition, knocked at the old man after the door, out of control and protection of the needs of the old man, he and the old man kept a certain distance, please tell the old man nanny, children in the disease resistance front performance is excellent, and then told the nanny to convey his sympathy for the old man, old man, please take care of yourself good body, have difficulty to find community at any time.Before leaving, he repeatedly reassured the elderly that the epidemic would soon pass and let them rest at ease.In the face of such intimate and meticulous service, the elderly melancholy dispersed, smile bloom, repeatedly thank “bincheng Lei Feng” the arrival.At 8:30 on The 22nd, the support team of Binhai New Area received an urgent task, requiring 154 volunteers to carry out 24-hour defense operations in the locked-down area.Under orders, Dagu Street, Tanggu Street, Xinhe Street, Xingang Street, Hangu street volunteers gathered within half an hour, all quickly reassembled, set out against the wind and snow, respectively to Xinzhuang Town Linjin Garden, Linxiu Garden, Blue water century community.Seal the gates and keep the flow under control.The lockdown control area is the implementation of the “stay at home” regulation, 24 hours on duty to the community, carry out verification, scanning code, temperature measurement, registration and other related work, only keep the necessary entrances and exits.Volunteer service team members strictly implement the checkpoint policy, do not let the epidemic through the door.The snow fell on the white isolation suit again and again, floated down, melted and wet. The team members took care of each other. They tried to stand for a while and let their partners rest for a while.Snow distribution, love transfer.In order to guarantee the basic life of the people in the community, the support team carries out timely and targeted distribution work according to the distribution needs.At the same time, we will provide emotional comfort and psychological counseling to the people in the area, focusing on the special needs of the disabled, the elderly living alone and other vulnerable groups.The material transfer group is responsible for receiving goods at the gate of the community, sorting and marking the door number to the gate of the building, the door guard group as the temporary “head of the building”, divided into two shifts responsible for the building guard, sending vegetables to send medicine and cleaning up garbage tasks.As night falls, everyone’s enthusiasm for work is not reduced by the cold weather and physical fatigue.Supplies were still being delivered at 8 p.m., and by 8:30 there were still people who had not had a bite to eat or drink.”If a family is not round, the residents are at peace and my heart is sweet.”In jinnan wars “epidemic” main battlefield, thousands of support team, s home, gu everybody, zen wind and snow, cold, and obstacles, to bear on a mission with local people changes in temperature, hard just Mr Mick Dijon, with true feelings and love, wedded to stick to, careful and sincerely, “disease” is a line in the war on jinnan the compose hymns of the most beautiful time.Source: Bincheng Times