A word that grandma sent food to the girl touched countless netizens

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Recently, a girl in Jinan, Shandong province, was shut out of school due to the epidemic. Her grandma brought her hot steamed buns, yogurt, nuts and other food by the door.Let the girl burst into tears

Video from @ sohu clairvoyance with in 7 seal school girls were ten-day cage cleaning grandma look to send food taken video girl named walker is a senior student of qilu normal university she told reporters at reception to send food grandmother is cleaning the aunt gui-zhen Yang school last winter, is preparing to take an examination of grinding her endorsement by the lake when met Yang grandma is cleaning the leaves after two people slowly familiar with,When she was not busy studying, Li Xiaomei would call Grandma Yang and chat. Grandma Yang would ask Xiaomei to walk around the school after cleaning to encourage her to study hard. On March 30, Because the school was temporarily closed due to the epidemic, Grandma Yang worried that Li Xiaomei had no food in the dormitory.Brought yogurt and nuts across the fence to her Li Xiaomei was very moved to see the girl tears Yang grandma wiped tears for her side comfort said: “What’s wrong?I’m your grandma!I’m here, don’t be afraid. “Li Xiaomei told her to go back and eat while it’s hot. Keep warm and protect herself.Grandma or give her to eat “to see her take food walked over to me, I think of his grandmother passed away suddenly didn’t keep back the tears” “after graduation I will go back to see her when she married must be invited to attend the” walker said this is not the first time that Yang grandma send food to her a few days ago she sent a bag of stripped walnut meat to eat nuts compensatory nutrition after left,Yang grandma brought the walker cooked dumplings left far away from home every time I see Yang grandma have a friendly feeling “she is like my family we both special decree by destiny, she is very enthusiastic, good warm accompany me had a nervous one’s deceased father grind time” walker in September this year will go to other cities work and life she said she will always keep in touch with Yang grandma wanted to her,I called her, opened a video holiday to visit her, “we both have an agreement in the future I get married, must invite her to attend the wedding.” net friend: so touched!The feelings of the girl and grandma Baojie touched countless netizens. “It is better to be a relative than a relative,” and “I miss my grandma, too.