Thin and light game add strong alien X14 shock to attack

2022-05-17 0 By

Not long ago, the international Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2022 was held as scheduled, and many manufacturers brought their premium new products and cutting-edge technologies to the show.In the world of laptop computers, alien’s first slim game, “X14,” has sparked a lot of discussion.As a new member of the X series, x14 is officially announced to be the thinnest game to date, and has been upgraded in configuration and design to deliver stronger performance and better texture to the public.With the support of Prophetic Design 2.0 and hinge design, the ALIEN X14 has a 14.5mm microfiber thin body thickness, which is absolutely amazing among laptops of the same class.At the same time, a dark core design has been added on both sides of the fuselage to “hide” the interface area.In travel play, business trips, meetings and exchanges, this thin game can make you appear more calm, simple design and ultra high appearance level more let it in any place is very suitable, will not appear the slightest “disharmony”.In terms of 3A configuration, X14 brings a new 12th generation Core processor with TDP of 35W, with 14 cores, 20 threads, the highest core frequency up to 4.7ghz, as well as RTX
30 series flagship graphics card.The former has twice the number of cores than the previous generation, while the latter is optimized to easily play with dynamic ray tracing lighting, reflection and other effects. The support of DLSS artificial intelligence also makes the creation more arbitrary.In the game experience part, the flagship hardware combined with LPDDR5 memory makes x14 easy enough to deal with all kinds of AAA titles, bringing smooth graphics to every player who uses it.In the ultra-thin body of alien X14, CryO-Tech ™ super heat dissipation architecture features its own powerful heat dissipation system, including dual fan design, element 31 thermal conductivity layer, etc. Element 31 thermal conductivity layer can effectively improve the thermal conductivity efficiency, bringing 25% heat resistance and double energy storage space.Efficient heat dissipation makes the output of creative inspiration get twice the result with half the effort.Not only that, relying on the innovative hinge design and dual torque elements to create a more abundant interior space, for the body planning to leave more imagination, on the one hand can further compress the body thickness, on the other hand can guarantee the battery life, for this thin and light game to bring light, lasting experience advantages.The fully upgraded Alien X14 is the first to use Type-C exclusively
As a charging port, the lightweight notebook can support up to 130W fast charging, which greatly alleviates the “anxiety of using the machine”. Moreover, with gallium nitride charger, the port change also liberates the shackles brought by the adapter.Not only that, but the ALIEN X14 can play video for up to 11 hours straight with an 80WHr battery.At the same time, the thin and light game has made a synchronized upgrade in the performance of sound and painting, supporting Dolby Vision and Dolby panorama sound, which can show more bright and gorgeous colors and deep dark details, as well as a more natural and realistic sound field.Creators can not only record creative ideas, shoot, record and even improvise in various forms at any time and place, but also enjoy movie-level audio and video experience.Like its other products, X14 can also be linked to the official monitor, headset, mouse, keyboard and other peripherals, more immersive experience of all kinds of games.Of course, the official will also provide this product with 2-year 7×24 hours guarantee service, users can enjoy free on-site maintenance of hardware, software all-weather response, global unprofor, remote repair and other rights and interests, fully experience the powerful force of aliens.At present, this thin game has entered the countdown to release, will soon be available to the public.For those interested in the alien X14, go to the official wechat account, official account or official mini program to see if it “works as you expect.”