Xuanwei clay eight bowls

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Among xuanwei cuisine, dang Shu ham and tuba bowl are the most famous.Since qin opened the Wuchi Road, xuanwei, known as the key to Yunnan, opened the door connecting the border and the interior, local and central.From then on, the court officials, businessmen and celebrities, literati, in the years of horseshoe sound, in the south bin north guest beat on the tip of the tongue, took away the border guan Mingyue, also brought eight treasures of food.On the table of the simple wumeng mountain area, there were eight bowls.The years change in order, unconsciously, xuanwei people called the eight big bowls into tuba bowls, a word of earth, drawing the mountain form of Xuanwei, xuanwei agriculture civilization, but also shows the xuanwei people’s simple and modest.The so-called “soil” means that the dishes in the eight bowls are all from Xuanwei, their own products, homegrown.The mountain is a farmer’s home all his life. It is the destiny of rural people to dig Wells for drinking and plow fields for eating.The so-called “eight”, one is auspicious, “eight” homonym “hair”, rich, developed, development of good meaning;On the second day of prosperity, the number of eight is double, and the square table is set with eight immortals, so that you can have access in all directions and get money from all directions. It is also a metaphor for the eight immortals in fairy tales, who are endowed with powerful powers, to show respect for guests.Dishes are packed in bowls, not in dishes, cups and dishes.Wear oversleeve when serving, tied with the apron, the arm, shoulder or take a walking (towel) two of the kitchen, a bow with the square plate, one laughingly serving “serving”, quickly put the square plate dish bowl, a bowl of a bowl on the guest sit on the table, steaming hot food on the table in turn, see food, tease the other guests,Launched a new round of gastronomy to talk about.Take a look at the dish — buckled flowers.Flowers surrounded up of a tuo, a chopsticks go down, pick open a scene of spring scenery, the mountains and fields of the horn flower ah, swirl, scattered in the bowl, bite, with the fragrance of meat, the spring scenery of home, into the heart and lung, warm gastrointestinal.Chinese cabbage.Select the cabbage, remove the roots but leave the stalks, cut several portions vertically and add the minced meat.The extreme vegetable and extreme meat mix out of the extreme, sweet and delicious, from thrift to luxury life philosophy, let a person aftertaste endless.Tree hu.The beard on the old tree, hanging in the summer woods, inadvertently, it became a delicacy on the table.After washing the tree beard, stick to the meat circle, steamed, is delicious, the rich taste of the tree beard, green ecology, rare and unique, such as the old man’s beautiful beard, contains the meaning of health and longevity.A cone.Stir up an egg and pour it into a wok and bake it into a pancake. Spread it on a cutting board and spread the minced meat evenly over the pancake. Roll it up and cut it into inches with a knife.The charm of this golden roll, with its spiced meat, makes one salivate at the very thought.Autumn is coming, and everything is abundant.Here comes the button lily.When the lily blooms, it indicates the blooming of a grand event.Lily can be called a gentleman, beautiful flowers, fragrant yuan Yiqing.Her bees buzz around her on sunny days.Her fruit, round and white, is the pearl hidden in the earth.Harvest time, a hoe down, pearl rolling, into the eyes, the United States of the heart.Lily to hold into a valve, a valvash break wash, knead a small tuo fresh meat, and a valvash close knead tight.Lily is slightly bitter, slightly sweet, traditional Chinese medicine, there are clear lung runzao power, good looking and delicious can cure diseases, and the meaning of good harmony in one hundred years.The root of leeks lay dormant in the soil, supplying the farmer with stubble of leeks.It is the octopus in vegetables, white and tender root system gives out unique fragrance, clip a lump of meat in its root, pinch tightly, some cooking processing, chic on the table.Thousand-piece pork is a common dish in Yunnan cuisine, but Xuanwei’s wujin pig is different.Every year after the winter solstice, select the best pork belly, after scraping and washing, flipping, slicing techniques, supplemented with honey, dark soy sauce, cooking wine, Onions and ginger, and then with the special pickles at the bottom, until taken out of the steaming steamer and served…That kind of golden ruddy, fat and thin with attractive product phase, accompanied by rice, grilled on a, will make people exclaim ecstasy.Eight treasure rice is a dessert, eight kinds of dried fruit engraved on the glutinous rice, like jade mountain embedded treasure, with sugar juice dripped around, it seems considerable but not obscene to play, the entrance of a spoonful, the sweetness of life immediately ripens in the body and mind.Eight bowls of vegetables, raw or medium cooked, are placed at the bottom of the bowl and steamed with high fire.When taking the dish, use another bigger bowl to turn over, this turn, is the buckle, the shape of a round mountain package is presented.One steamed, two buckle, two procedures after the dishes, is the so-called buckle.Buckle food, xuanwei people buy wine banquet event fireworks, but also to the hotel restaurant, down to the country lane, kitchen kitchen the most solemn ashram.Throughout the year, spring, summer, autumn and winter, no matter what a happy event, the ceremony of the eight bowls will be ceremoniously staged again and again.The blessing of the eyes and the mouth has been passed down from generation to generation and warmed the people of this land.The Spring Festival will come, and to xuanwei soil eight bowl scenery day.