The tax bureau released a list of more than 80 enterprises that owed more than 100 million yuan in taxes, including many textile enterprises

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Recently, the State Administration of Taxation in Dezhou City tax bureau issued this year’s no. 1 document tax arrears notice decision: German tax arrears Gongzi (2022) No. 1.According to the provisions of Article 45 of the Tax Collection and Administration Law and the Measures for Tax Arrears Announcement (Trial) of the State Administration of Taxation, shandong Lutai New Material Technology Co., Ltd. and other taxpayers will be announced as of December 31, 2021.(the specific list is as follows) tax arrears behavior has the following harm to the enterprise taxpayer because of capital difficulties cannot pay arrears tax, this arrears tax will be chased after indefinitely, and produce the following adverse effects :(1) from the date of late payment, according to the day of late payment of tax ten thousand five late payment fine;(2) The tax authority will issue a notice for the payment of tax within a time limit, and the maximum time limit for the order to pay or remit tax shall not exceed 15 days;(3) If the tax authorities order the payment to be made within a time limit and the payment is still not made within the time limit, the tax authorities may impose a fine of more than 50 percent and less than five times the amount of tax not paid or underpaid, and with the approval of the directors of the tax bureau (sub-bureau) at or above the county level, the tax authorities may adopt the following compulsory enforcement measures:Notify the bank or other financial institution in writing to withhold tax from the deposit;2. Distraint, seal up, auction or sell off according to law commodities, goods or other property whose value is equivalent to the tax payable, and use the proceeds from the auction or sale to offset the tax payable.(4) If a taxpayer who owes tax or his legal representative needs to leave China, he shall settle the tax payable, fine for late payment or provide a guarantee to the tax authorities before leaving China.Tax authorities may notify the exit administration authorities to prevent the tax payers from leaving the country if they have not paid the taxes or overdue fees and fail to provide guaranty.Tax authorities may take over their invoices or stop selling invoices to them.(6) Tax authorities will regularly announce the situation of tax arrears in tax offices or on radio, television, newspapers, periodicals, Internet and other news media.(7) Enterprises that owe more than 50,000 yuan in taxes shall report to the tax authorities before disposing of their immovable properties or large assets.(8) Tax payment credit rating will be affected to varying degrees.1. Taxpayers who owe more than 50,000 yuan in tax and fail to report to tax authorities before disposing of their immovable property or large assets will be deducted 11 points.2. Five points will be deducted once you owe tax.Those who owe more than 50,000 yuan will be deducted 11 points, and those who owe less than 50,000 yuan will be deducted 3 points.Disclaimer: The copyright of this article belongs to the author.In order to respect intellectual property rights, chemical fiber state try to mark the source of each article, if you do not want to reprint or infringement, please inform us to delete.