The men’s team was asked to watch the women’s final against South Korea, and Mr. Mingde called on the Chinese Football Association to disband the men’s team

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Learn the spirit of the women’s soccer team!Beijing: The 2022 Women’s Asian Cup in India officially kicked off at 7pm on February 6, Beijing time.Before the match, Shui Qingxia also asked the players to play with confidence, show the spirit and stamina of the women’s football team, and go all out to win the championship.At the same time, many online fans were unhappy with the poor performance of the Chinese men’s football team, and Mr. Mingde called on the Chinese Football Association to immediately disband the men’s team and rebuild the selection system, never hiring incompetent managers and completely reshuffle the national team.In the round of 12, The Chinese men’s national football team was highly expected in the group stage and four naturalized players made it a team capable of reaching the play-offs. But now, the Chinese men’s football team lost 3-1 to Vietnam.What went wrong with such a crushing defeat?The head coach is indeed wrong, but in fact, li Xiaopeng is really not to blame.After all, the new head coach and the team run in less time, naturalized and did not train with the national team, physical fitness is also a problem.Want to lead the national football team into the World Cup in the short term is almost impossible to complete the task, Li Xiaopeng is more football association to take the pot.In my personal opinion, the Chinese football Association in the recruitment and selection mechanism there are problems.Some netizens left messages to me: If my nephew had spent 300,000 yuan in those days, he would have had the chance to play in the National youth team. If he had spent the money in those days, he might have appeared in the national team now.If this phenomenon is true, then The Chinese men’s football team can not be saved.In the preliminary match of this World Cup, Li Xiaopeng started the training mode of the national team, following the example of the Chinese Women’s Volleyball Team. More than 50 national players who were called up had two training matches in the Shanghai base. Li Xiaopeng finally decided the list of the team, but we found that the average age of this national team was nearly 30 years old, while some excellent young players in the domestic league,None of the energetic players in their early 20s were selected, and in the men’s game against Japan, we only had two chances to attack the gate of Japanese football, thanks to free kicks from Alan, a naturalized player.We were forced, so to speak.Against Vietnam, Li Xiaopeng all three naturalized players debut, but our defence defense horrible, Wang Shen super and zhang linpeng two players on the defensive problem is too big, eyes defensive football to watch people, leaking seriously, causes the doorframe of Chinese football again and again break, defeat Vietnam also let fan zhiyi is the most worry thing happened,Where can The Chinese men’s football team be worse?Will the men’s team lose to a Myanmar team next?As the Chinese men’s team arrived in China to be quarantined, the football association had ordered the men’s team to watch the Women’s Asian Cup final match against South Korea en mass.Personally, I think it is good to watch the game, but watching the women’s football games and is not able to resolve the current problems and the awkward situation, Chinese football fans expect Chinese football is a lion, but real men alive the overall performance of heats, like a hold of the ball of the sheep, will shrink in their area, being played without any strike back.