The father loves the mountain!A father in Hunan province walked more than 10 miles to send his daughter home with 30 jin of luggage

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The father loves the mountain!In Yiyang, Hunan province, a father walked more than 10 miles of mountain road with a suitcase weighing 30 kilograms to send his daughter home after a heavy snowfall, touching many netizens.The woman went home for Chinese New Year and planned to return to work on February 7.But on the night of February 6, snow began to fall, and over the course of the night, the ground was covered with deep snow.So the woman had to walk to the station with her heavy suitcase.After the father saw, do not trust her daughter to return to the city alone in the heavy snow weather, insisted on sending her daughter a journey, so she will be 30 pounds of luggage on the shoulder, this walk is to walk more than 10 miles of mountain road.On the way, the woman repeatedly said to her father: have a rest and let yourself carry the luggage.But the father refused, telling his daughter that it was not heavy at all, and letting her walk behind him so that she could walk in her own footsteps.The woman later said that the snow on the ground had fallen into her father’s shoes. It was so cold that by the time he got to town, his shoes were soaked.At that time, I was very moved and sad, so I took out my mobile phone and quickly took down the figure.Later, the woman put the incident on the Internet, which also got a lot of netizens’ attention and hot discussion.Some netizens said that I felt very sad to see it. I remember that when I was in middle school, my mother once gave me a bicycle on her shoulder like this. When I was a child, the road was bad, and my mother gave me a bicycle every time.Some netizens said, your father is not able to carry it, if he can carry it, he would like to carry it with you, this is the overbearing father’s love.Another netizen said, “I remember when my father went to buy a ticket for me during the heavy snow that year, he was the only person on the street. I thought it was my mountain with its thin back.In fact, the father is not holding up more than 30 kilograms of luggage, but full of love and reluctant to give up his daughter.It is a New Year, and I do not know when I will see my daughter again.Father’s love is always silent, but every father’s love for his children is never discounted, they use action, with their backbone, support the children’s journey.As children, we must be good filial piety parents, often go home to see their parents.Finally, I wish all the parents in the world are happy and happy, and their children can enjoy a happy life in their old age.