The IOI2022 Chinese team roster was announced after the selection was completed against all odds

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The 2022 international informatics olympiad (IOI2022), sponsored by CCF and organized by the second high school affiliated to east China normal university, was successfully held in Shanghai from February 11 to 15, 2022.The selection was held with twists and turns.The selection of the IOI2022 national team, which was originally scheduled to be held during the NOI2022 winter camp, had to be postponed to after the Spring Festival due to the epidemic.On the eve of the Spring Festival, CCF communicated with the second affiliated high school of east China normal university about the IOI2022 Chinese team selection for several times.After several times of repeated adjustment, comprehensive consideration of various factors, the final determination of the selection activity in a hotel in Shanghai.During the whole Spring Festival holiday, CCF and the working group of no. 2 High School affiliated to East China Normal University devoted themselves to the preparation of this selection.On the 10th day of the first lunar month, the aftermath of the epidemic has not dissipated. No. 2 High School affiliated to East China Normal University has carried out every work and every link in an orderly way, from hotel reservation, examination room arrangement, venue construction to shuttle station transportation, catering, accommodation, nucleic acid testing and so on.On February 11th, the host warmly welcomed the 30 athletes and their advisors of the IOI2022 national training team who were selected for the second stage of selection.In order to create a safe and comfortable environment for the players, no. 2 High School attached to East China Normal University rented all the conference rooms on one floor of the hotel for closed loop management.The accommodation, dining, examination and communication are all within a few steps, which not only saves the time spent by the athletes in the process of moving, but also ensures that the selection activities are not interfered by the external environment, and is very conducive to epidemic prevention management.It is particularly noted that due to the impact of the epidemic, the defense selection for the first time adopted the on-site and online combination of Shanghai contestants and Beijing judges.Meanwhile, the defense is also open to the first batch of NOI2022 winter camp quota.After ten previous homework tests, one-week intensive training in The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen), winter camp exchange and two tests during this selection period, finally,Dai Jiang qi (nanjing foreign language school), eay sharp (hangzhou Gavin middle school education group exercise middle school), Tang Shaoxuan first (shandong pingyi (high school), aminta kai (chengdu foreign language school), bloomberg () of the affiliated high school of guangzhou university, Xu Ting strong () of the affiliated high school of renmin university of China six players stand out, into the last scene reply.In the end, dai jiangqi (nanjing foreign language school), zhou hangrui (hangzhou xuejun middle school wenyuan middle school), tang shaoxuan (shandong pingyi no. 1 middle school) and zhang junkai (chengdu foreign language school) were selected to represent China in the IOI2022 Chinese national team, which will be held in August this year.The successful conclusion of IOI2022 China national team selection is inseparable from the preparation of the team of the second affiliated high school of east China normal university, and the great support of the 30 finalists and 17 instructors of IOI2022 national training team. They have no complaints and actively cooperated with the adjustment of the selection activities.Here, CCF would like to express our heartfelt thanks to them!At the same time, I wish the four athletes of IOI2022 China team hard work, pursuit of excellence, continue the glory of the Chinese team in the international informatics olympiad.On-site epidemic prevention examination food recipients have meals, exchange their heads and badges