Officially open village!What are the three major winter Olympic village magic weapons?

2022-05-15 0 By client Beijing on January 27(Liu Xingchen) Since the pre-opening of the village, the building of the Winter Olympic Village in Beijing, covered with snow, smoke and anger gradually thick.Dragging large and small luggage, countries, regional delegation advance teams became the first winter Olympic village “villagers”.The winter Olympic Villages in Beijing, Yanqing and Zhangjiakou were officially opened Wednesday, but the three villages have their own distinctive features in addition to unified functions.Photo taken on Jan. 16, 2022 shows the Square area of Beijing Winter Olympics Village.One of the first things you see when you enter the Beijing Winter Olympics Village is a row of beautiful red brick buildings.As the first stop for athletes, it will be responsible for delegation registration, security check, protocol, media reception and other functions.This area was built by renovating 15 existing buildings in the old factory and was one of the infrastructure for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.Image source: New video screenshot.On the ground, a clear “one meter line” was set up, and signs such as road signs, “Wear masks” and “limit the flow” could be seen everywhere. Under the guidance of the staff, the registration process was carried out in an orderly manner.After that, each delegation can go to the super Service center in the residential area to pick up the room key and check in.The Beijing Winter Olympics will be held during the Spring Festival. When white and red collide on the color plate, shadow puppets, Chinese paper cuttings and other articles containing Traditional Chinese culture give the athletes’ rooms a New Year’s flavor, and “Chinese style” is also one of the prominent features of the Beijing Winter Olympics village.In the Culture of China exhibition and experience area, the organizing committee selected nearly 300 intangible cultural heritage exhibits representing Beijing’s unique cultural charm, such as “Eight unique skills in Yanjing”, centering on the themes of ice and snow, Spring Festival and the Great Wall, to fully display the charm of traditional Chinese culture.The picture shows the yanqing Winter Olympic Village model section.Yanqing Winter Olympic Village: A collision between classical and modern yanqing Winter Olympic Village is located at the foot of Xiaohaituo Mountain.Semi-open Chinese courtyards are built against the mountain, combining Chinese style with international paradigm.During the walk, a beautiful mountain village in northern China, where the natural landscape and the venues of the Winter Olympics coexist in harmony, was presented to everyone like a “paradise beyond heaven”.The picture shows a sample room of the winter Olympic Village in Yanqing.During the construction process, the trees protected in situ or transplanted and ex-situ included juglans juglans, Ulmus macrophylla, and Martin.The forest of trees and the winter Olympic village into one, a unique scenery.With the Spring Festival approaching, the large red building symbolizing good luck stands in front of the Winter Olympic Village, and the red lanterns hang in front of the traditional Chinese culture exhibition area…The modern buildings are dotted with red, and as China joins together with the Winter Games, the rich history and modern Olympic movement will provide a wonderful celebration.Aerial photo of Zhangjiakou Winter Olympics Village.Zhangjiakou Winter Olympics Village: “black science and technology” take the lead along the Taizicheng high-speed railway station to the north about 500 meters, a lot of buildings with the characteristics of northern mountain dwellings appear in front, this is zhangjiakou Winter Olympics village.From Beijing siheyuan to rural courtyards, “courtyards” are the common form of residential houses in northern China, and the integration of this element gives the village a well-organized appearance.In fact, “clever design, technology and energy” is one of the most commendable zhangjiakou Winter Olympics village.The picture shows an apartment in Zhangjiakou Winter Olympics Village.Every room in zhai Yujia’s residential area is equipped with a smart door lock, which can be opened by fingerprint, password or swipe card.Intelligent temperature regulation system, fresh air system, intelligent infrared sensor, visual intercom and more than ten functions, can be operated through the room controller;A smart bed with “memory” features a remote control that can be adjusted for different sleeping and sitting positions to provide optimal support for the spine.In the dining links with the risk of cross-infection, the restaurant is equipped with intelligent thermal insulation cabinets to realize the diversion of staff.In the main dining room of athletes, there is a thermal map display screen at the entrance to display the number of diners in real time, which is convenient for off-peak dining.The picture shows zhangjiakou Winter Olympic Village (Winter Paralympic Village).When “science and technology empower the Winter Olympics” no longer stay in the slogan, with the help of “black technology”, the Beijing Winter Olympic Games perfectly practice the “athletes as the center” of the Olympic concept.As the winter Olympic Village officially opens, more and more guests from all over the world will gather in Beijing.And the host who wrote the “Double Olympic City” card is opening his arms to welcome everyone.I hope all the participants can feel the warmth of home here and experience a safe, healthy and joyful Winter Olympics!(after)