Niche brands compromise again, in order to make sales more popular, hard power flagship is sincere

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See article listening to music is a kind of enjoy, would like to hear what inform messages, all the pay package) welcome friend to the Chinese flagship mobile analysis column “everybody is good, a lot of people are calling me audio playing computer geek, in fact is not the case, because I in headphones to” jinniu leader “, but for fear of provoking a regarded me as a group, so you still call me a geek,Of course, I talk about products and ordinary people are different, are based on demand to talk, mainly “people play machine, not machine play people”, let everyone look at all digital products reasonably.In terms of the overall trend of the mobile phone industry, I often use four words to describe it, that is, “rapid progress”. The so-called rapid progress mainly has two aspects, namely, mutation and great change, but what exactly is the mutation?In fact, I believe that most people will say performance, is the processor “and then there is no and then”, but in fact, I tell you that the overall trend of the current mobile phone industry “how to ask, what is the honest truth?Yes, two words “synthesis” but what’s behind synthesis?Actually, I’m telling you, that’s the brand level, and what’s the level of brand segmentation?Yes, mainstream brands, sub-mainstream brands, obscure brands, niche brands, and still no, but I’m still going to focus on niche brands today.In the mobile phone industry is known as the industry small steel cannon brand plus, why?When it comes to niche brands, I often use the word “invincible” to describe it. Why do you say so?In fact, there are grounds for this. After all, niche brands certainly have no influence on public opinion in the industry. Based on this factor alone, it can be concluded that such brands are not well known to users.So let’s talk about today’s OnePlus mobile phone. To be honest, I give it a brand new title “industry small steel gun”. Why?Although OnePlus is not as good as the mainstream brands in terms of public opinion, its core strength is still very good. In a broad sense, onePlus core strength is mainly shown in two aspects of screen and photography, and then there is a small advantage of “linear motor”. Of course, personally, I appreciate onePlus screen and photography more.In fact, in three words, it is “sensor”.Therefore, it can be seen that the industry is small gun, if such a brand add user opinion, then it must be a very hot mainstream brand, but in fact there is no.Why is there such a steel gun one plus brand?Why the lack of public opinion?Actually not many brands are focus on public opinion and promote the level of, these are completely and subjective ideas of the brand is inseparable, some main pursuit of a strong brand publicity, and also a little on the functional performance is guaranteed, and some brand publicity and product itself at the same time to grasp, but there are some brand is don’t care about the propaganda, but care about the product itself must be strong,I can’t tell you who is right or wrong in these three points. One thing is certain, that is, everything depends on the idea of the brand itself. In my office, the idea of the brand itself is often called “the original intention of the brand or the culture of the brand”, which is as simple as that.No matter before or after one plus nine, we strive for the brand’s original intention!We can simple recall one plus nine models before 7, one plus one plus 8, or even earlier, they are the main object is the function, appearance and take photos, performance, of course, the screen is certainly not forget, said earlier, after all, a camera phones is two traditional advantage and screen, and the one plus nine series, telling the truth must be stronger than the parent flagship,Why is that?Let’s get back to the product itself.In short, the brand of One Plus is not in fact for performance and efforts, it strives for experience, used by the basic know.Tell us about the one plus nine product itself!In fact, for OnePlus 9, it is not an old phone at first. On the contrary, it can be seen from the title that it has been released for less than 4 months. Currently, the price has dropped slightly, although not significantly, but it is also a certain benefit.6.55 inches and 120 hz flexible straight on the screen screen blessing, perception or relatively natural and no dead Angle, feel is in accord with general the comfort of human body engineering, then the processor 888 qualcomm Xiao dragon disclaimer: van gogh pictures are from Internet, reproduced aims to deliver more information on the photo is the window of one plus 9 “why?Hasselblad professional mode “, with 50 million ultra wide Angle and 48 million camera and 2 million black and white imaging, and then the battery of 4500 mah and 65W fast charge, another plus 9 does not have 3.5mm headphone jack, but it is a small brand’s most brilliant moment, it depends on hasselblad sales have further increase.At the same time, the current price drop could be even hotter.Write it last!In my eyes, the mobile phone industry completely belongs to no minority, no mainstream, even no sub-mainstream.So what do we have?It’s just human needs.Note:Leader don’t praise any brand, it is easy to be questioned as the “water army” or “money”, there will be many readers said “small make up XXXX” inharmonious factors such as, but what I said is standing in the perspective of the interests of the masses of users to judge a product, let us reason to choose machine (do less into the pit, not into the pit, etc.), hope you like them, the day,Gentleman to self-reliance has always been my motto, so many people’s position is different and I — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — reprint must indicate the Taurus brand hierarch