New Year’s day to the sixth, against the wind stem this thing, east 78 people were checked

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Qilu Evening News · Qilu Yipoint reporter Li Huaili correspondent Liu Zhiling during the Spring Festival, people visit relatives and friends and other travel needs increased, after drinking and having a good time, there are always people put the word “safety” behind, regardless of the danger of driving on the road, so the Spring Festival is also a high incidence of drunk driving.In order to effectively prevent and reduce road traffic accidents caused by “drunk driving”, east Afghanistan traffic police continue to strengthen the investigation and punishment of “drunk driving” and “drunk driving” during the Spring Festival, to ensure the safety, orderly and smooth road traffic during the Spring Festival.According to statistics, From February 1 (the first day) to June 6 (the sixth day) six days east Afghanistan traffic police investigated 76 cases involving alcohol driving, among them, drinking driving 76 motor vehicles, drunk driving 2 motor vehicles.Operation, the company always adhere to the police and comprehensive regulation precision strike, the combination of the bat area and enforcement power extends to the edge, rural area and regulation time to full time extension, take “normal regulation + mobile patrol”, “+” during the day at night, a variety of ways, such as LianZha check density, frequency and efficiency, all illegal drunk driving and drunk driving behavior,We will normalize the administration of drunk driving, effectively form a situation of strict investigation, strict control and strict control of high pressure, and make every effort to ensure the safety of people’s travel and create a good road traffic environment for them.In addition to strict law enforcement, it also strengthens warning education and illegal exposure, organically combines drunk driving regulation with safety publicity, realizes the social effect of “investigation and punishment together and education together”, and comprehensively improves citizens’ awareness of safe travel.In the next step, the East Afghanistan Traffic Police Brigade will continue to organize police forces to intensify the investigation and punishment of serious traffic violations such as drunk driving to ensure the safety and stability of road traffic.