Embarrassed!China a foreign aid once 1 smallpox 750,000 shopping, now 39 years old do not want to leave, still want to stay in the Chinese super League

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In the past few years, Chinese football has been playing the “golden yuan football model”, such as Evergrande, Guoan, Seaport and other super league giants have spent a lot of money to import a lot of big-name players, such as Hulk, Teixeira, violent Birds and so on.China a also followed suit, such as Cangzhou once spent a lot of money, and signed murici, Matthews, Morello and other big men.Take Matthews for example, he himself admitted that he has made a lot of money in Chinese football, now 39 years old is not willing to leave, and even wants to stay in the Chinese Super League.Not long ago, Portuguese “express” had an interview with Chinese foreign aid Mathews, who also talked about some topics about Chinese football.Ma said he came to China’s super League and China’s First division mainly to earn more money, and he has achieved his dream in Chinese football.He said he wanted to play at Xichao, but was offered a much higher salary in China than in Europe, so he moved to China.Data show that Ma has been in China for nearly seven years, is a longtime acquaintance of Chinese football.Matthews, whose contract with Zhejiang expires on January 31, has received offers from several teams, but the owner is reluctant to leave and he wants to stay in the Chinese Super League, expresso reported.Ma said bluntly that he earned a lot of money in the Chinese Super league and now opened a restaurant in Brazil, leading a very wealthy life.Matthews is 39 years old. Even 37-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo is not as brave as he was in his youth.However, he did not want to leave. It seemed that he could make money more easily in China.In July 2016, Matthews joined cangzhou Lions, then known as Shi Jia Zhuang Yongchang, and he stayed there for five years, scoring 55 goals and 28 assists in 108 games for the team.Interestingly, the team was relegated to the Second division in the same year after Matthews came to Shijiazhuang.Later, although the team has rushed super successful performance, but also dropped to the Top, and repeatedly in the effort to rush super.In July 2021, Matthews left zhejiang As a free agent and also had 22 games, 7 goals and 2 assists.As you can see, it is true that he has made money in the Chinese Super League and Chinese League A, but he is also doing his best to contribute to the team.In addition, Matthews discussed the details of her lifestyle expenses in the interview.Ma said he was eager to buy some high-end products, but had little money, but after playing in the Chinese Super League and China First League, his income increased significantly and he saved a lot of money later.Matthews, no longer monk, rushed to a high-end store and spent $750,000 on watches and clothes in a day that even he couldn’t believe.See, according to Ma, playing in China is like changing your life.I have to say, boss Matthews is very direct, and he doesn’t hold back.Of course his big truth also refracted the former days “gold dollar football” embarrassment.