Serie A champions war, for whom to decompress?

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Inter milan 53 points, Napoli and AC Milan 52 points, serie A presents a three-way race for the title.It should be said that the performances of the three coaches are excellent, but Pioli is a continuation of milan, while inzaghi and Spalletti are in charge of new teams, naturally more prominent, napoli tonight against inter, is a title fight, but also the best defense against the best attack, but also two excellent coaches.Sat 023 Serie A 25th round [2] Napoli VS Inter milan [1] time: feb 13 01:00Napoli though inter last weekend was milan Derby in key reversal, leading edge, but inzaghi this team is still the largest serie a round nearly 10 points, 25 points (8-1-1), the second is juve, 24 points, followed by milan 20 points, 18 points in Atlanta, Naples, 17 points.”Inter are top of serie A so far,” said Sacchi, despite his milan affection. “They played well on the pitch, showed courage and pace.”Even with a game less, Inter are the best in Serie A, scoring 54 goals in 23 games at 2.35 goals per game, tied with AC Milan and Lazio at 2.04 goals per game.Compared to Conte’s title-winning side, Inzaghi’s inter were more aggressive on the pitch, played with more initiative and activated more players, such as Sanchez, who was a fourth striker but once on the pitch was as effective as the main force.Perisic has been used to the best of his ability and is still in talks to extend his contract despite the signing of gorsens, one of serie A’s most powerful defenders, while Dutch winger Dumfries is slowly finding his place.Inter have scored 14 headed goals this season from seven different players and have scored a lot of points under inzaghi.These header goals are testament to the ability of inter’s wingbacks to cross, and also to inter’s set-piece ability.Arguably, pippo Inzaghi’s Inter have accomplished the very difficult task of cutting costs (53 million euros) while remaining competitive.Spalletti also made napoli complete a transformation, especially in the last two months, under the impact of the epidemic, injury, Africa Cup of Nations, in the absence of a large number of personnel, the pressure to continue to move forward, which provides the team with additional motivation.At one point, Napoli was missing half of the team, the results dropped significantly, but Spalletti through adjusting personnel and playing style, out of the trough.Rahmani and Juan can be said to be a new central defensive pairing, the former’s leadership is emerging, the last four games have conceded only one goal, 24 games 16 goals continue to be the best defense.Lobotka is a great defender and can make a great contribution on both ends of the attack.Now the main centre-back Coulibaly and the main defender Anguiza return from the Africa Cup of Nations, “competition”.And Osmayne injury after the comeback, finally find the state, the last round to pick up the road to goal.Italy Snai instant index 2.70 3.35 2.60, the main drop guest rise, Asia plate guest let flat half start, after the market fell to even, the main guest win are 9 water.From these two years of competition, Inter has a certain advantage, nearly 5 league matches 4 wins 1 draw, but Naples midweek cup, Inter some physical deficit, one of the main central defenders bastoni suspension, small Inzaghi will also be sidelined, by the assistant Faris command.Although both sides have European fixtures next week, with Inter hosting Liverpool in the Champions League and Napoli playing Barcelona in the Europa League, inter are clearly under more pressure.Don’t forget spalletti coached inter for two years and knows some of the players in the squad very well.