Good product Shandong | China snow wax car on February 5 for the first time officially for the Winter Olympic Games event escort

2022-05-14 0 By

The public network, poster journalists Song Chunxiao Texas reported on February 5th, Beijing Olympic events are in full swing, designed by taishan sports industry group to participate in research and development has become China’s first snow wax car during the Beijing games beautiful beautiful scenery line, one of 5, on the same day, the national center for cross-country skiing in the winter Olympics zhangjiakou division, on a clear day,For the first time, Chinese snowmobilers will officially escort a winter Olympics event, including women’s cross-country skiing double pursuit.”We will follow the national cross-country ski team during the competition to ensure their use of snowwax and carry out daily maintenance checks.”An Zetao, the head of the China Snow wax truck from Shandong Sports Industry Group, told the reporter of · Poster news that during this period, the snow wax truck support team will enter the snow wax truck at 6 am every morning to start the preparation work before wax.It is understood that China snow wax car arrived in worship ceremony in Beijing on January 13, 2022 winter Olympic Games security work, have worked for 22 days in a row, from shandong province’s hall, sports bureau of shandong province, shandong province sports industry group, sinotruk group, industrial design and research institute of shandong province, haier group and other units of the security personnel in zhangjiakou was making,Provide quality guarantee service for national team waxing division and athletes.